scenes from a memorial day picnic

I'm taking it as a good sign that over a week has flown by since Memorial Day weekend drew to a close, and I am only now managing to sort out photos. I'm working full-time on writing my dissertation and applying to jobs now, so since the initial thrill of our cross-country move has worn off, the days sometimes feel long and...a bit dull.

But hour by hour they pass, my dissertation grows a little longer, and I am pages closer to calling myself a doctor!

In the meantime, the weekends are still sacred, and Balboa Park has become one of the places where I feel that most keenly. To celebrate our long weekend, we started Sunday morning at the Museum of Man, and then found a secluded spot to enjoy picnic goodies. We took turns reading and napping before calling it an afternoon. But when we got back to the car, we heard the sounds of a Scottish band coming from the organ pavilion in the park. We meandered through a grove of majestic trees with the music in the background (feeling an awful lot like we were on an adventure in Middle Earth). And then we watched the concert for awhile before finally braving the homebound traffic.

I'm already dreaming about what might be in store for our next weekend's adventures...

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I love those adventures that just flow.


Thanks for making me smile. =)