la jolla wildlife

There is a magical place near San Diego, where celebrities go to buy second houses and tourists go to soak up the sun...

It is a place of designer labels, juice cleanses, and lots and lots of wildlife...

La Jolla is this amazing little beach town full of gorgeous mansions and amazing sea views. On Sunday, Joe and I landed there for brunch (pork platter for him, French toast and a latte for her). After we were sated, we headed down to the La Jolla Children's Pool.

The sea wall around the pool was originally constructed in 1931 to protect children from the waves and provide a place to play and swim. By the 90s though, the sea lions had started to make the protected beach their home, and no one has yet had the heart to kick them out.

Because, I mean, look at that face...

We got as close to the sea lions and their pups as was permitted, and started to feel a little sleepy ourselves as we watched them sun bathing and snuggling into the warm sand. Every once in a while, one would wiggle over to the water and glide in for a dip. It was really amazing to see them so close and calm in their natural environment...a totally different experience from seeing them in captivity. I watched one guy let the tide wash him ashore, and I realized I had never seen a sea animal use the water like that before.

There were other wonderful animals there too...like nesting sea gulls, pelicans, and cute little chipmunks.

Every time we tried to leave, something would stop us. Joe spotted a pregnant chipmunk, and then one sea gull jumped onto another one. A pelican stretched out its long neck a few times. Then two chipmunks got into a wrestling match and went tumbling and spinning down the side of the cliff together.

It was all amazingly special, and we left with happy hearts.

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