san diego through instagram

I'm still getting back into the habit of this whole blogging thing, which means my real camera usually doesn't make it around my neck before we leave the house.

But oh! We are seeing so many wonderful and amazing things here in San Diego! I've even failed to capture some of the best moments with my iPhone...like the bins of citrus fruit at the farmers market every Saturday, or the twinkly lights around our neighborhood, or the seal that we saw on one of our first walks down to the water. Then there are those moments that just can't be captured on camera. Like how our apartment currently smells like the most amazing roasting garlic, because that's just how our neighborhood smells.

This weekend was a little quieter for us than last. I am officially job hunting while I finish up my dissertation (that phrasing makes it sound so much easier than it actually is). We spent much of this weekend shopping for interview clothes and prepping for a busy week of Grown Up Work.

So this garlicky-smelling, sunny Sunday afternoon is perfect for sharing some of the instagrammable moments that have made our first month here feel a little bit like heaven.

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