Anybody out there?

Remember over a year ago when I decided to take a break from blogging? Me too. And it was pretty nice. I stopped taking a lot of pictures and stopped spending my evenings planning posts. I started relaxing a little more and painting my nails.

Lots has happened since then.

Joe and I got married. I passed my comps exams. My niece was born. I got mono and didn't know I had mono and then was very tired for a very long time. Joe finished his PhD and got a job. And then we moved to the west coast.

It's sort of hard to do justice to all of those things in one post. Sometime I'll probably share some wedding pictures. And maybe I'll tell you about the awful journey that was undiagnosed mono.

But in the meantime, I just wanted to share some pictures today. We've been living in San Diego for nearly three weeks now, and we're loving it. Today we spent the morning in Balboa Park, traipsing from garden to garden, and estimating how many years it would take us to see the whole place.

That fig tree is about 100 years old! Isn't that amazing? We stood in front of it for a long time, and I couldn't help but feel like I was in the presence of a very wise creature. Or maybe in FernGully.

Aside from the gorgeous architecture and stunning gardens, we were particularly pleased by the friendly ducks and the little lizards running all around.

We then spent a sleepy Sunday afternoon eating chicken noodle soup to celebrate Easter while the SoCal breeze drifted through our apartment.

Wishing you and yours happy Easter wishes and lots of jelly beans.


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Thanks for making me smile. =)