a break from blogging?


Life is always busy, I guess. But lately, it feels like it's been a lot busier. In a good way...and in a bad way. From the moment I wake up in the morning, there is a pile of things on my to-do list, and if I don't get to them by the time I head to bed, my heart flutters a bit, and I wonder if I'll manage to make it through this summer successfully.

I'm still making time for the things I love...crochet projects, cooking, reading, exercise, and quality time with all my special girls. But I'm also studying for the most anxiety-producing exams I've ever taken. So when I make the time for the wonderful stuff of life, the last thing I'm thinking about is photos and blog posts and documentation. That is the blessing of being busy, I guess. In the best moments, I feel so much more present.

Blogging has sort of faded from my mind. And when it does pop up, it's more of a chore, more of an obligation to the internet friends I love so much. And that's not what I ever wanted it to be.

So I just wanted to put a little message out there...I'm here, I'm living, I'm happy. But you might not see much of it around these parts. Maybe you'll see me back at my regular thing in a month. Maybe I'll take off for longer. And maybe I'll be back next week, unable to ignore the call of the blog-o-sphere. The point is, I might not be around much for awhile, and I think I'm ok with that.

But I'll be following along with you. I might not comment much, because, again, I don't want it to be a chore. I want to read your blogs and just enjoy them. So I'll do that. And I'll still be around on twitter and instagram.

And aside from that, if you're wondering what I'm up to, you can bet I'll be studying in coffee shops, tapping on my laptop in the library, escaping into my kitchen, and binging on Orange is the New Black (check it out).


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  1. Great to hear from you! I understand completely. Go live your life, ace your exams and we'll see you when we see you :-)

  2. I hear you! I haven't had much of a desire to blog recently so I have just kind of listened to that. Blog when I feel like it....don't when I don't. Good luck with the studying and I look forward to your return, whenever that will be.

  3. Orange is the New Black ... my favorite : )

  4. I'm the same exact way lately...as you might have noticed ;) And I watched all 13 episodes of OITNB in 2 days.... :) Enjoy

  5. I'll miss you! And I totally, completely feel you. Also: Crazy Eyes really, truly terrifies me.

  6. I get you. BUT I MISS YOU.


  7. I just commented, under my mom's email. {OH the things that happen when you are HOME!}

    Just know that it was me! :)

  8. Missing you, but totally respect this + you :) Much love lady!

  9. I'm just getting back to it, you are wise to not let anything prevent you from living a good life, there is a season for everything, and you'll get back to it when the time is right. Love you.

  10. Ah, my dear I am in the same situation: health stuff, work, other priorities are draining the once full reserves of blogging motivation and time. I think it's good to step back and understand where we can re=prioritize to make life easier on ourselves.


    eileen ragan | leaner by the lake

  11. I love what you wrote about the busier you are, the more present you become; it's like you can really cherish the small moments of bliss. And while we'll miss you here, the blog will always be there!

  12. Hello my dear!
    Happy to hear you are well and know how to prioritize and not let things get too crazy!
    My summer was like that and truly I didn't even have time to come say hello to anyone because it just wouldn't be fair to sit at the computer when my kiddo is around or when family fun is top priority ;)
    So, I completely get it!
    I always remind myself - you can do a lot, but not everything!!! ;)
    I wish you the best with school, wedding planning and everything else blissful in life ;)
    I do hope to see you around though ;)

  13. I just came back from my blog break to find that you are taking one. I hope you are well.

    PS: I feel the same way about unfinished lists.


Thanks for making me smile. =)