riding the heat wave


Happy belated Fourth, all!

It's hottttttt.

There's a thermometer in our bedroom, and in the last five minutes, it crept up to 90.0 degrees. We have an air conditioner in there too, but really...90.0 degrees? I don't know if it's worth the extra few dollars it would cost to bring that place down about 20 degrees just to have it shoot back up.

It seems like forever ago when I was gushing all about how inspiring this oppressive heat is. Now, I am sitting at my computer, feeling my skin pulsing with heat. And I am just trying to convince myself to get out there and do something...make some ice cream! Go shopping! Clean up! Even those exclamation points feel like too much effort.

I think we'll ride this one out until the sun goes down. Then we might make our way out for an evening walk and a good long talk with Mother Nature about what summer is supposed to look like in Boston.

In the mean time, there is a fan and a frozen fruit smoothie calling my name.

Stay cool, friends. And enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!



  1. I feel you. At the beginning of the summer, I'm all like "I love the heat! Bring on the humidity!" Now, I am so hot, it's taken me an hour to write this comment.

  2. Popsicles make everything better. We've got an 86 degree day today and A and I are suffering through a bit of a post-wedding hangover. Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee + MTV RomCom marathon.

    Leaner By The Lake

  3. Oh, do I hear you on this one. What's even worse, is that in my head I hear the voice of my mother saying, "Don't waste the day! Go outside and play!" and instantly feel guilty as I'm laying on the wood floor alongside my dogs trying to cool down. Stay cool!

  4. the humidity has been INSANE! I hope you stayed cool and had a great 4th!

  5. This heat/humidity has been ridic. Glad I have a.c., Netflix, and a couple of cats to keep me cool and occupied!


  6. Did you take that picture? Hope you're cooler now : )


Thanks for making me smile. =)