well well wow! {review and giveaway}

At the end of last summer, the company Sun Chlorella must have sensed Joe was having trouble sleeping, because that was exactly when they sent a sample of eleuthero tea, said to help the body react better to all sorts of stress. They must be keeping tabs on us, because their timing on delivering a sample of their new Well Well Wow! product was also perfect.

I was wrapping up a few work items before my trip last week and was feeling some stress and skipping the gym, so a product that is designed to reduce the effects of stress and encourage cell growth and repair was appreciated.

well well wow

Well Well Wow! blends chlorella growth factor (CGF), which is derived from the nuclei of algae, and old reliable eleuthero. The combination is supposed to boost your immune system, keep you energized, and improve adrenal gland function. I can't say that I noticed a big difference, but it might have kept me from feeling the full effect of my tossy-turny nights, and I imagine taking it regularly makes a bigger difference.

I didn't like the 11 grams of sugar in each little bottle, but they come entirely from agave syrup, meaning it doesn't spike blood sugar in a significant way. The taste is reminiscent of straight agave syrup too, so you can pretty much gauge whether you'll like it.

well well wow

Would I buy it with my money?

I'd have to say, probably not. I was so happy to try it, because I think chlorella and eleuthero are both potent products, but I'd rather get them from a source with less sugar. I just don't have a great need for those supplements, and Well Well Wow! really feels like a substitute for an energy drink...even the bottle reminds me of the various energy shots on the market. It would probably be a great way for someone to kick the energy shot habit, actually.

I'd encourage you to try it yourself though, especially if you feel like your mind and body need a boost. And one of you can!

Sun Chlorella will send one of my readers two bottles of Well Well Wow! There are three ways to enter:

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  1. Hmmmmm....I don't generally need this type of supplement, but it sounds interesting, so I'll spread the word!

  2. well I'M STRESSED ... so there's one reason! I sleep like a baby though.


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