summer pinspiration

I've been bitten by the summer bug! (The good kind, not the kind that leaves you with an itchy bump.)

I am not a fan of the extreme heat, but I've embraced it recently...it feels like it's brought on summer growth, outside and inside. I'm feeling inspired to be alive lately, and have discovered that place where everything you have feels like enough.

On the list of lovely things lately...
...a new volunteering gig that I will most definitely be blogging about
...a traumatic trip to the vet for Maus that somehow turned into a bit of fun for Joe and me
...a new yoga class + a new yoga friend (picking up dates at yoga = not cool; picking up friends at yoga = very cool)
...my first time serving jury duty
...an upcoming camping trip in Maine

Jury duty made the list, because it was fun. It's all about attitude, folks.

I hope you're feeling just as inspired! It is such a beautiful world out there, and these balmy days are the best times to get out there and feel it. Evening walks are never as lovely any other time as now.

But just in case you're not, this should get you started...


I've never made something of Angela's that I didn't love, including these veggie burgers. You can whip up a batch, freeze 'em, and take them along to any summer barbecues that might not be vegetarian-friendly. I took some to a cookout with Anna last summer, and there were a few meat-eaters who had to try them too!

Last summer we hopped up to Portland on the train and made it back in time for a late dinner. The prices are a bit steeper than they've been in years past, but check out Amtrak's deals and discounts. You also don't have to go all the way to Portland. The train to Maine stops at all sorts of beautiful coastal towns along the way.

Ok, there's absolutely nothing to do with this pin, except enjoy it, and maybe use it to inspire your next dinner party. We don't have lovely outdoor space like this, so I'll enjoy it vicariously through you. (Or we'll be checking out some of these places...)

The thing I hate more than anything else about the heat is the constant feeling of stickiness. I'm no compulsive hand washer, but during the summer, running my hands under a cool stream of water could compete with my love for fresh sugar snap peas is a great pleasure. Check out an old recipe of mine to keep your hands clean in more ways than one!

And send more summer inspiration my way!


  1. Taking a train ride along the east coast has been on my to-dos for a while. Thanks for the info, lady! Going to pin those veggie burgers. Right now I only have ones that are black bean based, so mixing it up sounds appetizing!

    P.S. I also enjoyed Jury Duty even though I didn't get picked :(

    leaner by the lake

  2. Having grown up primarily in the northwest, I kind of fantasize about New England Summers, and that Train to Maine looks like something I need to do, if I ever make it out there.

    I;m interested in hearing about your volunteering gig! Cheers to Summer! :)

  3. Loving this list!
    Train rides are on my wish list.... but they are so expensive here ($800 to Montreal - I don't think so! :(

    Outdoor dining - Yes please! Especially on this multi-million dollar property ;)

    And veggie burgers - check! And I want that soap! ;)

    Happy Summer!
    xo Ella

    1. So easy to make...check it out!

  4. I've seen those veggie burgers on Pinterest, too -- they look stellar! I love your lists -- and I agree, take advantage of the heat! I am. I get cold so easily, so when it's hot, I really enjoy it :)

    1. The burgers are AMAZING. Highly recommend.

  5. Okay. Adding the Train to Maine to the list for this year. I didn't do it last year, and that mistake can't be repeated this year! (Though the train to the Cape also sounds kind of fun. . .)

  6. Officially adding the Train to Maine to my summertime adventure list. I didn't do it last year, but it sounds like so much fun! (The train to the Cape seems like a pretty fun rail-travel adventure, too. . .)

    Happy happy summer, and let's get lunch the next time you're in Kendall!

    1. Yesyesyes! As usual, just need to get on top of my schedule. I'm there regularly...I'll be in touch!

  7. Love the summer attitude...I am appreciating the morning frogs on my walks to Willow Grove road :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)