guest post at bound!


This week we discovered Maus knows her name. We've suspected it for awhile now, but sometimes she's stubborn and ignores us, so we thought maybe we were just getting lucky. But then Joe started testing her...calling out random words in his kitty voice while she's sleeping. Sure enough, her name is the only thing that gets her to lift her head from her nap and give a little coo.

I know...you care.

Really, Maus was just an excuse to get this post going and share some awesome news. My friend Julie over at Bound is featuring a guest post from me today all about books. We're both voracious readers, and she's got some great posts on the subject herself. She's also paleo, and funny, and in amazing shape...so she has awesome recipes, and jokes, and exercise routines that I will read and never, ever try.

Hop on over, read my recommendations, and say hi to Julie. I consider her a blogger soulsister, and I think you'll like her too.

We'll be enjoying this weekend by my friend's pool. Even though I don't feel quite swimsuit ready (where did you come from, June?!), I'm counting my blessings to have a healthy body and a cool place to dip it! Have a beautiful, sunny, hot one!



  1. Yay! So excited about this. Also, your cat is adorable. Have a good weekend, lady!

    Needing snaps of that amazing bob haircut soon, you know... :)

    1. I knoooow! I've been inspired by Call the Midwife lately and have been curling it, so it hasn't looked its bob-ish self for awhile. =)

  2. Well that post seriously tickled my fancy. I left you a comment over there. :)


  3. People my age say..."what I wouldn't do to have the body I so wished to improve when I was twenty something"!!!!! Enjoy yours, it's perfect ;) Give GrandMaus a smooch for me.

    1. You are the best, Mom! I know that's true. xoxo

  4. embrace everything! That is my moto, although I am looking for skin tightening cream or solution that will help tighten the skin that has become loose and saggy over the years! Keep up the good work with the blogs!


Thanks for making me smile. =)