One of my favorite parts about visiting J's family is watching him with his brothers.

Three boys.

They pretend they're only mildly pleased to see each other...pats on the back, handshakes...

But then they gather in the yard with a wiffle ball and a lawn chair to mark the strike zone. I sit on the sidewalk, resolutely unhelpful in catching and returning stray balls. And while I take pictures of flowers and soak up all the sun I can get, I listen to them joking and teasing each other.

Greg is the youngest. It feels like everything out of his mouth is a joke (and he is funny), but at heart he is the sweetest...the least likely to argue and the happiest to see everyone gathering at home again.

Michael is the middle child. We can relate about that, I think. He is a profound intellectual, an artist, and the most likely to argue...but always in defense of truth and rightness.

And Joe is the oldest. He is the big bear, comforting and quiet. Like many oldest children, he appears to let nothing bother him and is always ready with advice for his brothers. I know that the feeling of responsibility has never left him.


If any of them read this, they will laugh at how sentimental it sounds. Because the truth is, they spend most of their time together reminiscing about when Michael pooped in Joe's bedroom (he was 2) and seeing how many times they can get their mother to roll her eyes.

At the wedding we attended last weekend, Joe and Greg shared a total of five entrees between them. This is their quality time.


When we're visiting, I get to talk philosophy with Michael while I poke Greg in the ribs, trying to find that ticklish spot. I have to admit, it feels like a little honor that I'll be able to call myself their sister soon.

When it's time to say good bye, they maybe hug, and I tease them for loving each other more than they'd care to admit.


  1. oh how i love this. and i'm glad you specified when one brother pooped in joe's room, left me on a cliffhanger for a bit ;)

  2. So good! Zan has 2 brothers too (and one sister). I love watching them play like kids at the beach. They literally revert back to their elementary school days and it's the best to witness!

  3. How sweet that you get to join a family with such great bonds. The brothers sound like a lot of fun! And I'm sure their mom is excited to have a girl around now, too :)

  4. Echoing everything Julie says here! A's family isn't extremely close and it makes me a little sad sometimes, as I'd love to have more a relationship with them. But, we're very very tight with my family (who are super close knit) so this post made me happy to know that this is something that A gets from our relationship. How wonderful that you get to join this clan! Love love.


    1. Aw, yes, I'm sure it's something he loves. Our families sort of balance each other out...I think we both get something from each other's families that we always wished we had...sort of ideal. =)

  5. You captured that very well : )


Thanks for making me smile. =)