happy april

March flew by, didn't it? I can't remember another year that it went so fast. Usually March days drag...no holidays...just a bunch of lingering winter wind and cold rain. But suddenly this year, it's April. And life is not about to slow down for me. So I decided to take a cue from my dear friend at dear friend and collect a few of those memories that flew by in such a hurry.


I really, really need to get better about taking more snaps (she said for the umpteenth time). But for now, these'll do just fine.

And the highlights of the month were these moments from Easter weekend at home...

1. Watching our poor broken-footed Holly dog rest her little head.
2. My mom and aunt straining the hrutka the day before Easter.
3. An assortment of beautiful Lindt truffles courtesy of my cousin.
4. Selfies with the photogenic Holly dog.
5. Setting our beautiful Easter tables, complete with hand-dyed paper towels as napkins.
6. Freshly juiced apples, carrots, oranges, celery, and mandarins.
7. Easter flowers. My favorite.

Here's to you, March. And happy April...


  1. I'd never heard of hrutka before, but it looks insanely delicious. That might have to be an addition to our Easter traditions. :)

    1. I've posted the recipe at 22robinlane.blogspot.com!

  2. nice collage of snaps, your March seems interesting yet sweetly calm, I really like the picture with lotus root and ones with animals.
    hope your dog gets well soon!

  3. What a great collage, it captures the season nicely! Still can't get over that city turkey!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful month of March :)

  5. Love the collage!


  6. oh my GOODNESS! those doggy eyebrows have me rolling. too good.

  7. AH! Hrutka! My grandmother would always make that - we called it "Easter Cheese". Thanks for a trip back to some good memories. So nice that you got to spend time with your family.

    I might be borrowing this photo idea, it's nice to look back at the year's favorite moments as we go along in stead of right as they're happening and then years later in some archive.

    xx, eileen


    1. Wowww! I don't think I've ever met one other person who has had hrutka before. That's amazing. You must have a Slavic background?


Thanks for making me smile. =)