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This is definitely my favorite natural beauty area to talk about, because it seems like everyone wants to do it, everyone is a little intimidated, and everyone who tries it loves it! But it's worth remembering to clean up your face, body, and makeup routines too.

Besides health, what are other reasons to switch to natural hair care?
Toxic shampoos strip your hair of its oil, making it overcompensate and overproduce. You'll find that a natural, gentle routine will allow you to wash your hair less often. I probably wash 2-3 times a week, but I know people who've gotten it down to once!

What should I expect when switching to natural hair care?
There will likely be a period when your hair will be detoxing, and you'll have more oil than you're used to. While I've heard this can last up to a few months, everyone I know (myself included) hasn't suffered for more than a couple of weeks. If it's a problem, just grab yourself some dry shampoo for troubling days. And of course, you can always just wash as needed...if you keep up your daily washing for awhile, the transition period shouldn't be too tough.


I actually found the transition to natural hair care pretty easy. I tried maybe one or two shampoos I didn't like, but can't even remember what they were. So instead of telling you what didn't work, I'll share three systems I really loved and why I transitioned from each.

The No Poo method requires that you wash your hair with baking soda diluted in water, and condition with apple cider vinegar diluted in water. I did this for about six months, and it was great for detoxification. I ultimately didn't stick with it because I missed the lather and the smell, and got sick of mixing it up myself.  Since I do still wash my hair pretty regularly (especially after the gym), I also found that this was a little too drying for my scalp.

The Morrocco Method website promises miracles for your hair. I didn't follow their whole system, so I couldn't tell you if it really delivers. I did use their shampoos for almost two years though. I didn't see any miraculous changes, but I can tell you that their products are so clean and non-toxic. The scents are earthy and herbal, but very pleasant.

These shampoos are clay-based, so they don't lather at all. I also found that I needed to use quite a bit and wash twice in order to really feel like my hair was clean. During the winter, Morrocco Method isn't moisturizing enough for my scalp either, and I still missed the lather...

I. love. this. stuff. The smell is great, the lather is perfect, and it leaves my hair super, super soft. You only need a little bit, and washing feels so gentle...I can run my fingers through my notoriously tangly hair while it's wet and full of shampoo. After rinsing, it doesn't get that squeaky clean feeling from the stripping done by toxic shampoos. I wasn't sure the perfect 5-star reviews on the website were real, but I'll be adding mine as well!

Plus, this company is run and owned by an adorable German couple. Extra points!


Other Products I Like

I occasionally use Kiss My Face mousse and California Baby detangling spray. There are lots of non-toxic options for hair products, but I've found that I've gotten more in touch with my hair's natural behavior and don't use nearly as many products or heat style nearly as often.


Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions in past posts. Keep them coming!


  1. Great reviews - I'm definitely intrigued by the natural hair products and should give them a try! Hope the rest of your week has been going well!

  2. I'm still on the hunt for something that works well for my hair & scalp.. I did no poo for so long but had dry scalp. SO the bergamint sounds dreamy, but I'm such a cheapster! I have bought the Whole Foods brand, but might have to try making some myself, maybe with Dr. Bronners castile soap.

    1. Let me know if you find something you love...I'm a cheapster too! I have to say, the Opa's Soap ends up being pretty affordable because a little goes a long way.

  3. Definitely going to try Opa's - I'm using a Trader Joe's brand now that looks pretty good ingredient-wise, but Opa's soap sounds so wonderful!

  4. I'm going to try Opa's! I still have some Morocco Method left, but it didn't do well when our water softener went on the blink so I got out of the routine.

  5. Just came accross your blog via leanerbythelake and seemed to find just what I needed here! I've been looking for a natural hair detangler but im really picky!! I know it may sound weird but how does it smell? I've been lucky enough to find shampoo + conditioner but all the detanglers so far have smelt like either nothing or something that I WISH was nothing!

    If you have some time let me know :)


    1. This is what I'm pickiest about, so it's a great question! This detangler is scented with lavender, and that's exactly how it smells...so if you like lavender, you'll like it. =)


Thanks for making me smile. =)