20. enjoy a pastry

clear flour bakery

Remember last week, when I was all, "Isn't this weather oh so perfect for a day out and I'm going to do ALL THE THINGS during my spring break"? Then remember when it snowed instead and the wind blew so hard I couldn't even get my phone out to take instagram shots?

I do.

So I have to admit to you, my day of "museums, coffee, lunch dates..." turned into a trip to the grocery store and the bakery, followed by two girl movies on the couch, accompanied by vegan mac 'n' cheese, crocheting, and pastries.

As much as I love days out, I have to admit that I am just not one of those go-go-go people. Sometimes I am just happier at home. Sometimes I am just happier pretending to be a little old lady enjoying my cat and my food and my yarn. Sometimes, I remember that I really love going grocery shopping, and a trip to the store can actually be as fun as a museum.

And when a home-y day is accompanied by an orange brioche and a strawberry rhubarb tart, that day is even better...I promise.


  1. OMG...so relating to that strawberry rhubarb pastry! Just bought some strawberry rhubarb jam, product of Ireland, to go on the St. Patrick's day table! You are right, being a little old lady at home with cats, good food, and creative endeavors is the best ; ). Xox

  2. OH YUM. Are these the same pasteries (or at least the same place) that you got for our picnic last summer?

    Love this post. Glad you've had a nice, relaxing week off. :)

    1. Yes! I almost got a chocolate pudding cake, but couldn't resist that dang SR tart again!

  3. I am definitely one of those girls who feels much better at home with a book than running about so I completely understand where your head is at

  4. CLEAR FLOUR IS SO YUM! Mike and I went once on a random weekend afternoon, and a lot of the things were sold out, but I'm told if you go early enough you can get ALL THE THINGS. I also always get some bread when I see them at the farmers market (2 more months, 2 more months...!)

  5. grocery shopping is the best. a little harder with a baby, but i think it's exciting.
    lucky for me, my husband works at a local cafe so i get their "day-old" pastries sometimes. there's nothing like a little sugary starchy goodness ;)

  6. UGH SAME. thankfully it's so miiiiild these last few weeks that i've been a free lady sans flu to prance around! perhaps we can do some pre-gaming of spring sometime soon! ;)


Thanks for making me smile. =)