yarn along - the time traveler's wife

I am so excited to have picked up my first project using tapestry crochet. It is just the coolest technique for making smooth, beautiful patterns, and I've been pinning all sorts of projects I want to try now that I've discovered this technique. My old phone case is too small for my NEW IPHONE 5 (have I told you I love it?), so I'm whipping up this new one with purple cats all over it. Ideal.

The tapestry technique makes for a very tight fabric, so I'm a little concerned about the fit. But it is way too late to turn back now.


The pattern is adapted from this kitty bag. I just adjusted my hook for the yarn I wanted to use, and decreased the number of cats in each round.

I'm also so happy to inform you that I finally made my way through LMA's collection, and had time to start and finish a new book since my last yarn along! I almost shared my current read instead, but how could I not acknowledge reading such a lovely story as The Time Traveler's Wife?


Between this book, the season finale of Downton, and a heartbreaking Swiss movie (seen with my dearest!), it's been a sob fest around here lately. I think J's a little concerned.

But this book is totally worth the tears. It's full of beautiful writing and a story line that won't let you go. If I had to make one complaint, it would be that the main character is a bit too wrapped up in the love story and I was hoping to see a stronger, more independent person there, especially at the end. But it's a romance novel, right? And you wouldn't have found me complaining as I finished the final few chapters surrounded by tissues and eating chocolates and wondering OH GOD HENRY WHY I MISS YOU.

Worth a read, my romantic friends.

Linking up with Ginny again. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ooooh I'm intrigued by this technique.

    And that is the only book that has ever made me actually cry.

  2. I LOVE your iPhone cover - and I'm sure it'll relax into a good fit when you start using it. Too tight is better than too loose! And you're making me want to read the Time Traveler's Wife - I read a different book by the same author and liked it! xo

  3. I was going to read TTTW after liking the movie and hearing that the book was way better, but it's one of the few popular novels that isn't available on the Kindle for some reason.

  4. What a terribly CUTE phone case :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)