Happy Friday, friends!

The beautiful combination of a perfect blizzard followed by warmth and sunshine has made me a happy camper this week.

Life is full of good things lately...weekday afternoons at home with my love, baking sessions with my bestie, dates planned for brunch and coffee and comedy shows.

Ok, yes, it's still February, but I'm already feeling that little itch again...that life is unfurling and my days will be less about warmth and coziness, and more about brightness and friends and being out in the world. I'm bubbling over with excitement. I think I can even stand a little more cold weather if Mother Nature throws it my way...

With all the inspiration in my heart, I decided to throw a little pinspiration your way. I'm always super proud of myself when I actually do something I've pinned. And I also often wonder if what I'm pinning is really as great as it looks. So today I'm sharing a few pins that I tried and loved.


Inspired by a pair of lovely little heart handwarmers that a blogger had made her SO for Valentine's Day, 1.5 years ago (!) I stitched up these baseball handwarmers for J. My sewing skills are nothing special. Since I was using felt, I didn't have to worry about being too precise, and just used a stitch I remembered from my childhood to close up a couple of circles. Fill with lentils or rice, then heat in the microwave to use.

I return to this recipe again and again, because it is that good. My only recommendation would be to add the dressing a little bit at a time (and maybe even only make half of it at first). Depending on how much kale you have, it can be very thick and heavy. But...so healthy, so creamy and delicious and perfect.

Follow Keiko's tutorial. It works. And it's beautiful. I'm missing my long hair right now, and might just have to figure out how to make this work with a pinned up-do.

Stay in and stitch handwarmers, or put your hair up and go enjoy some sun! It's a beautiful day either way. Enjoy the weekend...


  1. Might have to try out the scarf thing my hair is looking....questionable...right now with the "no shampoo" method haha.

  2. THAT SALAD LOOKS SO GOOD. Love some good pinspiration :D


Thanks for making me smile. =)