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This post already sounds a little hypocritical. Beauty without makeup is about as natural as you can get, and I fully support my barefaced sisters (and brothers). I won't pretend that I put on makeup because it's an artistic expression. Nope, I just like a light application during the day to even out my skin and boost my confidence. And for nights out, I like to get a little creative...and then it starts to feel a little more like art.

But makeup can be a surefire way to load up your face with toxins, so I prefer to use the gentler variety.

Besides health, what are the other reasons to switch to natural makeup?
Okay, mostly it's health. But I also think that the greater your makeup is in quantity and toxicity, the likelier it is to contribute to acne and irritation and aging.

What should I expect when switching to natural makeup?
If you're willing to spend some money and test some products, you can probably achieve pretty much exactly the same results as the traditional stuff. The brand that I use is really light and doesn't transform my face in the way some heavy makeup does...and I wouldn't want it too.

What didn't work for me and why...
Luckily, I had the guidance of a sister who was two steps ahead of me, and I've been slowly replacing my collection with the makeup she recommended from the start. What I have found is that what's available at the store just doesn't suit my needs, so I do order everything online.

What I use...


Everyday Minerals for almost everything! Their stuff lasts forever, and they're always offering sales and samples. I'm still using some samples I received from my very first order. I particularly rely on...

Concealer: The sage blemish corrector. This can look a bit bruise-y if you over apply, so use sparingly, and don't blend around the blemish.

Powder: I love the jojoba line of bases, which are rich and effective at evening skin tone.

Highlighter: It looks like they're no longer making my beloved Aussie Perk Me Up, but the Sunlight Color Corrector looks pretty comparable.

Blush: Wild Vines is my color of choice, but there are tons of options for all skin tones.

The only two items I haven't fully transitioned are lipstick and mascara. It's rare that I wear lipstick, so I haven't had much reason to experiment. I was simply being stubborn about the mascara, but since I can no longer find my perfectfavoriteloveofmylife mascara at the store, I've been relying on Physician's Formula, which is at least cruelty-free, if not non-toxic.

Any recommendations? Thanks so much for everyone's comments so far...they are so helpful! Last week Danielle recommended coconut oil as a moisturizer (seconded!) and Emily suggested reading No More Dirty Looks (now officially on my goodreads list!).


  1. oh I love coconut oil as moisturizer! Thanks for the reminder haha

  2. Uh, now I want to check my makeup items, I pay too little attention to them even though I wear it almost everyday (only BB cream and blush though ).

    Only thing I try to check is whether the items are tested on animals or not, also an important thing!

    1. Agreed! Luckily, I think most of the non-toxic stuff is also cruelty-free, since they are catering to that sort of crowd. I can vouch for EM. =)

  3. JOJOBA BASED POWDER! I wish I knew this sooner... thank you for sharing!! Is it only sold online? How did you find your color?

    1. I THINK they are only sold online. You can get samples for basically nothing, so you could start with a few of those, and then order a bigger size! They go by fairness and whether you are warm, cool, or neutral, so that helps too.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to check these products out! I accomplished to switching to all natural house cleaners and need a new challenge :)

  5. OMG how did I not know about Everyday Minerals? I am on their site now and I love love love it! Thank you so much for sharing :) Perfect timing because I'm in dire need of new makeup


Thanks for making me smile. =)