I could not be happier to have joined the ranks of the very blessed folks with iPhones last month. And you probably could have predicted it...my favorite part is instagram.

And I am so shameless. At first I felt a little obvious, digging out my phone anytime I passed anything remotely photographable. But now I am utterly, shamelessly addicted.


Please feel free to follow me! I'm at findingclairity.

And to keep me occupied (as if I need it), I'll be doing the FMS photo a day challenge for February.

Here's what's on the agenda...

I am so excited.


  1. Oh, I love them all! Especially the snowy one with the purple sky. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see all of your FMS photo-a-day pictures too! Love you!

  2. Hooray!! It's practically impossible not to love it! Loving your photos and can't wait to see your take on photo a day! :)

  3. yessssss! i was so glad once i saw you on good ol' instagram :) can't wait to see all that you capture, lady!


Thanks for making me smile. =)