firmoo - review

Someday, you might find yourself in graduate school turning 26 and losing your mom's vision insurance. You might worry about what will happen if you accidentally break the one (cheap) pair of glasses you own. It could definitely happen to you. Thankfully, there is an online wonderland known as Firmoo.

Which of these things is not like the other?

Firmoo is an online glasses retailer that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses for super cheap (the average price is probably about $30-$40). And you can upload a picture of yourself to virtually try on the glasses before ordering...it works amazingly well.

My pair of glasses came really quickly (about a week), and arrived with a little repair kit and a solid case. The prescription (I'm nearsighted and have astigmatism) is great; I think it's somehow even a little better than my regular pair! Really, I lovelovelove these glasses.

The downside? I got a little worried about the low, low prices, and my conscience began nagging me with images of little children grinding glasses lenses in a stuffy factory. BUT. Firmoo attributes their low prices to cutting out the middle man, and my fears could be totally unfounded. Plus, I probably buy a lot of other things with less than ethical origins, so I didn't let it bug me too much. These days, it can be hard to avoid.

Of course, it's not quite the same as getting your glasses at the eye doctor. You don't get a personalized fitting, or any of the special upgrades that are usually possible. But again, I have been so happy with mine and am not missing anything I could've gotten for five times the price.

It's perfect for those of us struggling to maintain our eyesight without vision insurance, for fashion bloggers who need a pair for every outfit, or for anyone who is afraid of stepping on their own glasses (that one's happened to me too).

I always love to partner a review with a giveaway, but with Firmoo it's not really necessary! They have a first pair free program, so you can try it risk-free too! Let me know if you do. =)


  1. Omigosh I need to try them out. I've not only wanted backup glasses, but ones that are in different colors so I can change up my look once in a while, for cheap. Thank you for reviewing them! :)

  2. damn, wish I read this last week! Just ordered a new pair of glasses. Love that style though and definitely keepin this in mind!

  3. They look great, can't wait to see them in person! What a fantastic find!

  4. You are SO CUTE. And I really wish I wore glasses.

    1. I bet someday you'll need to! I think Joe does too...we both think he looks pretty cute in them.

  5. You'rethecutest. I love my pair and am so glad you got to try them too!!

  6. What a cool concept! I've definitely heard of it before...but never looked into it. I badly need new glasses but have been putting it off (far too long) due to the $$. Thanks for sharing. And SO good seeing you last night :) You look great and oh so happy & congrats on the engagement again. Your ring is just beaaautifulll :)

  7. Okay, I"ve just spent the last 40 minutes "trying on" glasses even though I don't need prescription glasses. I might order a pair anyway in the hopes that they'll make me look smarter. ;)

  8. BUMMA! I totally bought a new pair of glasses from Lenscrafters ONE day before you posted this!!! I wish I had known, because it sounds totally great - but at least now I know for the future!!

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