tuttorosso - review and giveaway

Update: Giveaway now closed. Congratulations to the winner (and my good friend) Mackenzie!

Before you read this, let me ask you: who couldn't use some canned tomatoes?


The good people over at Tuttorosso recently sent me a little gift pack, with a few cans of their products, a very functional potholder, and a couple of other treats.

I'll be honest with you...I cannot tell the difference between various brands of canned tomatoes. But we've been working our way through the Tuttorosso stuff, and they haven't let us down. I used the diced tomatoes in Mark Bittman's spicy red beans, and they were phenomenal. Maybe it was Bittman, maybe it was Tuttorosso.

We also used the tomato sauce on our pizza. We always doctor up canned tomato sauce a bit, adding spices and garlic and sometimes onion and wine. Tuttorosso's sauce wasn't any more exciting than any other brand, but I can't imagine we'd ever be happy with undoctored sauce from a can. So, in other words, it did the trick...and I have to say, the pizza was exceptionally good that night.


Would I spend my money on it?

Yes, of course! And I already do. But since my tastebuds aren't sensitive enough to discern between brands, I usually just get whatever is cheapest, so Tuttorosso usually makes it into the cart when it's on sale.

I'm happy to bring you a Tuttorosso giveaway, because I can only imagine that canned tomatoes are a staple in many, many kitchens. One reader will win the lovely package that I received!

There are three ways to enter. Leave a comment for each one, and each will count as one entry.

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to used canned tomatoes or tomato sauce!
2. Share this giveaway (with a link) on facebook or twitter.
3. 'Like' the Tuttorosso facebook page.

Be sure I've got some way to contact you in case you win. The winner will be selected at random on 1/25. Good luck!

P.S. Because I'm such a lazy bum, Tuttorosso has already started a new promotion since they sent me this great stuff. You can now enter the Italian recipe contest on their facebook page to win a bright red apron, and the chance for a $500 gift card for cooking.com. Be sure to check it out!


  1. This time of year I really love chili so if I won, that's probably where the tomatoes would end up - in a nice, hearty bowl of hot chili.

  2. ugh, i love those cans so much! i always buy them to put flowers in, to be honest :) i made a homemade candle with one once too. hahaha, thats literally how i use them! oh, and homemade tomato soup, naturally.

  3. I've never seen this brand before! My favourite way (and usually the only way) to use canned tomatoes is to make chilli. However, tonight I will be using some canned tomatoes to make some pizza sauce, which I have never done before so wish me luck!

  4. I like making a pasta sauce or soup.

  5. This is the only brand I use, because I get them at the annual Shoprite "can-can" sale.....12 cans for six bucks and some change! Most recently used in chili, soon to be used for sauce over stuffed shells, and I'm also in the mood for canelloni....'tis the season to make sauces....la la la! Great last few posts....just catching up on blogs.

  6. So honest of you. I was thinking the same thing the other day when buying vodka*. I ended up buying a cheap bottle (well, it's plastic) and thinking whether anyone can really tell the difference between this brand and some crazy-expensive Grey Goose or something.

    * a rare event, I promise.

  7. Oh! I love using tomato sauce and canned tomatoes in soups and chilis -- the best!

  8. love making "cheesy" tomato sauce quinoa with nutritional yeast!

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  11. I mix canned tomatoes in with pasta each week for Meatball Monday :)

  12. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'm so glad I got in on time. I've been so behind on blog readin this week and last ... but anyways THANK YOU! I woud love to win this :) xoxo


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