Monday, December 17, 2012

once upon a time

There was a prince and a princess, reigning over a kingdom inhabited by a mighty kitty.


The prince and princess were very happy together. Day in and day out, they ruled justly, settling disputes in the land and keeping the mighty kitty tame.

Yes, they were happy.

But soon they came to realize that their kingdom was missing something. They shared a bond, but the bond was not official, and their reign had never been sealed by the royal kiss of marriage. Both prince and princess began to think of it, and mentioned it shyly to each other in the quiet times between royal duties.

One day, when the holiday season was upon them, the prince and princess decided to venture outside their kingdom to explore the beautiful wilderness beyond their reign. Wearing their warmest, they trekked into the unknown to see how beautifully the season was being celebrated beyond the boundaries of their land.

All day long, they were enchanted by lights, and greenery, and festive music.


That evening, they arrived at a roadside inn and supped on delicious fare: steak and scotch for the prince, and fish 'n' chips and a champagne lemonade for the princess.

Stuffed full, the pair ventured back out into the cold, until they arrived at the destination they had only heard legends of, the great tree of Christmas, decked with baubles as big as the princess' head and lights glowing with the love of the season.


The prince took the princess by the hand and led her out to the ocean beyond the tree, where fishermen's boats were strung with lights and the cold air was silent around them.

Then the prince bravely and nervously told the princess that he loved her. And he presented her with a ring. She burst into tears. On the spot, they agreed that they would be married, and become king and queen of their humble kingdom.

Then the princess gently reminded the prince that she was very cold and had to pee, and would really like to go home and have some hot cocoa. He seemed pretty relieved.

And so they did.


I cannot tell you what a bittersweet weekend it has been.
My heart hurts for the princes and princesses who will not grow to become kings and queens.
But a wise woman reminded me that love still blossoms.
And we hope that our happiness can be a sign of ever budding love in the world...

We can never be assured of a happy ending...

But we can continue to love and to hope.


  1. clair congrats!!! i teared up so much reading this, particularly at the end. what a beautiful message to send - a little bit of happiness was indeed needed after friday.

    and on a sidenote - i love oval diamonds, your ring is beautiful!

  2. I cannot imagine a more wonderful story. :) Congrats again, to both of you!

  3. Oh Clair, so happy for you! Congratulations.
    So beautifully put.

  4. I was anxiously waiting for a post on your engagement!

    Love the story & can't wait to see you later today.


  5. Wow! Amazing, and felicitations. I am so happy for you both!
    And yes, it has been a sad time. But not continuing living your life wouldn't help anything. You are bringing more love and joy into the world!

  6. congrats!!!!! Love how you wrote the story. :) The ring is beautiful, it's very good time of year to get engaged :)can't wait to read more engagement and wedding planning details!

  7. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Perfect post. Perfect story.


    love to you! Yay!

  8. That message up there is from ME!!!!! (was signed in as my sister by mistake!)


  9. Congratulations! What a creative way to announce your wonderful news! Beautiful ring!

  10. I've said it once and I'll say it again: congratulations!!!!!!! I love the story, the ring, the photos... I love it all!! Sending lots of virtual hugs your way!!! xoxo

  11. Congrats my dear!! That's absolutely wonderful news

  12. STOPPPPP OH MY GOD how did I just see this now?!?! Congratulations beautiful girl, so happy for you!!!

  13. Ohhhh YeSSSS!!!
    Congrats! This is such happiness - so beautiful ;)
    I loved your story and what a joy this will be when you will read it to your kids one day *smile*
    ps. I knew IT at the first line about a prince and princess, but I promise I didn't scroll down to cheat... I loved reading every little bit ;)
    So happy for you! ;D
    Gorgeous Ring! Wow!

    ~ Ella

  14. Oh, hooray! Congratulations, Claire!

  15. Your ring is SO gorgeous! :) And what a beautiful post - love and hugs to you both. xox

  16. Congrats Claire! How wonderful :) Such a happy time for you both. I've still been following along, each and every post. Was so happy to see this news!

  17. Thanks, everyone! Lots of love right back atcha!

  18. WAAA, SO CUTE ♡♡♡

    Wish you the best, stay together forever, be happy and, and... just really nice news...♡

  19. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :) Your ring is stunning! xoxo, eliza

  20. this. is. the. BEST. i cant even handle this. the mentioning of the coldness and pee made me CRY. love it and LOVE THIS STORY! omgomgomgomg all of the girlish giggles over this forever.

  21. I'm late on this one, but congrats! Sounds like a perfect day and you have so much excitement and happiness ahead of you!

  22. OMG CONGRATS!!!! I'm just seeing this now! How truly amazing!!!! :) :) :) So happy for you!

  23. this is SO lovely! many congratulations to you and your prince, my dear! you should come to hawaii on your honeymoon!!!! xo, andrea

  24. Clair!!!!! I am so happy for you! This was so sweet and so special it melted my heart!! Many congrats! Wish you and you prince all the happiness in the world! :D



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