26. make christmas cookies

A big hug and thank you to everyone for the warm wishes on our engagement. I think the most fun part of the whole thing has been catching up with people! We are just thrilled, and are so looking forward to seeing family and friends when we go home for the holidays. I think the Christmas season is the very best time to have a new sparkle on your finger, plenty to celebrate, and a very special sort of warmth in your heart.

It's also a difficult time to find balance, I admit. This year I tried to enjoy meaningfully, instead of broadly. We decided to skip the decorations so we'd have more time to enjoy other parts of the season. And while I miss having a little tree, I do not miss having to clean up broken ornaments or worry about chewed light wires.

And it also meant I had more time to do number 26 on my list and make up some Christmas cookies...

Ginger Chewies from J the B (originally from this book)

Key Lime Meltaways from SK (originally from MS)

Both of the above were delectable, and they were a huge hit in the office. I recommend the ginger chewies especially...they are like thicker, softer ginger snaps.

I also tried my hands at a batch of snickerdoodles, but I think they were a little heavy on the flour. We've eaten them all up anyway, but they just weren't photoworthy enough for the blog.

Wishing you and yours happy holidays.



  1. Those key lime ones look simply mouthwatering!

  2. Congrats on the engagement! Such an exciting time. Savor every moment!

  3. Ooh those ginger chewies...yum. Glad you're making it through your list!

  4. Enjoyed your engagement story, and thought your remarks at the end very poignant, Theresa's quote and comments as well....I am so glad I know you, Joe, Theresa, Casy, and John...it validates there is light shining in a weary world....if I may borrow from Shakespeare. Love you. Mom

  5. OMG WHAT. SO AMAZING! i'm so happy for you, clair-dear! so amazing! sending you and manfriend all the love! xo


Thanks for making me smile. =)