simplified life - week 4

Well, my plan has backfired. When you have a busy week, there is just no time to purge bedrooms or meditate daily. And trying to squeeze them in is not the key to a simpler life. So while I still hope to make some progress this weekend, I'm not going too crazy over here.

I did manage to make family time this week (and call it a monthly date also...two birds, folks), when J and I had dinner out for the first time in IDon'tKnowHowLong. There's a great Thai place in a little indoor mall at Coolidge Corner. We were the only ones in the whole place, so it felt a little Twilight Zone-y, sharing this old-fashioned space with just the restaurant owners, staring at closed-up tailors, barber shops, and watch stores...

It was simple and good.

If I had to start over and do the whole simplifying thing again though, I'd make it about doing less. I think I felt that if I could just get rid of stuff, clean it all up, and take a deep breath, life would slow down. But it never does. So purging and cleaning and taking less in are all habits that we should strive to have all the time. But it's also about seeing the clutter on your desk and the mess in the kitchen and a planner full of meetings, and smiling and breathing despite it all.

So this week is more about doing a little less...


Week 4

Habits for the week:

-Don't multi-task
     Close your email, ignore interruptions, devote more than a few minutes to each task on your list. Make your time purposeful.

-Create a bedtime/risetime routine
     Just know that at a certain point in the night, you will close out the day with good habits and restful activities (teeth brushing, face washing, stretching, reading). And start your mornings consistently as well (preferably without the Internet and with some yoga).

-Take two walks
     J and I don't do this consistently, but when we do, it is one of the best feelings. We're never headed anywhere particularly beautiful or peaceful, but just holding hands, moving our bodies, and breathing some different air can reset us completely.

Tasks for the week:

-Put on candles and music
     For one evening this week, put on some of your favorite quiet music and some dim lights. Enjoy the warmth of the indoors as the seasons start to turn, and ignore XYZ to just be in the moment.

-Make time to be alone
     Here's the important thing about this time...use it to do something you love. Sitting at your desk does not count. Blogging does not count. Find time for something just for you.

-Clean two things that bother you
     Just two. Just two small things. Don't make it a big deal. I'm going to wipe down the shelf we keep our olive oil on (greasy), and clean up the shower caddy (soap scummy).

-Let it go
     Things, stress, expectations. Get a piece of paper. Write down the stuff that's on your mind...not just the things you need to do, but the pressures you put on yourself, the stuff you want, the things that just don't feel quite right. And then rip that paper up and throw it away. It's not worth holding onto.


  1. I really like these posts that you do because they really remind me of what I need to do in my life too. I like both 'cleaning two things' and 'letting it go' - I've been putting undue stress on myself and it's not really for any good reason whatsoever. You're absolutely right - I just need to take a deep breath and move on

  2. OH MY GOD. YOU WERE SO CLOSE TO ME! :) i love that little mall. it just makes me really believe that coolidge is seriously not of this world. :) crafting night sometime before thanksgiving?

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  4. This inspired me to start a better bedtime routine - shut off the laptop and phone a little earlier and take care of myself.

  5. Brilliant! I need to read this every day! ;D

  6. i so agree. simplifying is a lot about meaningful routine and doing less. it think that once those things are in place you tend to cull what doesn't work and have less things. it's definitely a process.


Thanks for making me smile. =)