simplified life - week 3

Well, Sandy threw a big ol' wrench into my plans this week, what with cancellations, crappy errand-running weather, and a phone that was on 24/7 to stay in touch with powerless family in NJ. (It's back on...after about 60 hours without electricity!)

But...it was a good reminder...that no matter how simple or complicated life is, it is a blessing, and I have always, always, been so, so lucky. It's so sad to see my home state (and city of my heart) hurting so badly, but thankfully, there is always a way to rebuild.

Life continues. And this week, I kept trying to simplify...

There are still a few things on my to-do list, but I managed to clean out our pantries and have made a resolution to stop buying quite so much in bulk.

Much of the above has been sitting in our kitchen for more than 6 months! (We're keeping it, just planning on eating it soon!)

And as much as I hate doing it, having a made bed really does impart a sense of calm. I swear, even Maus loves it more. Since J and I sleep with different blanket sets to optimally calibrate our personal temperatures (so high maintenance), we've had to be creative.

And I am still riding the high of week 1's internet purge. I have come to realize how few meaningful emails I actually receive in a day. I'm always a little surprised when I open my inbox to no new messages.

Here's week 3 (and check out 1 and 2!).


Week 3

Habits for the week:

-Spend 15 minutes every evening tidying your home and planning for the next day
     Do a quick sweep of your lived-in areas and stash all the stuff that's out of place. If you have time, set aside your bag for the next day, already packed, and maybe even set out an outfit.
-Leave your work at work (or take it outside the home)
     This week, when you come home at night, do not allow yourself to problem-solve or check emails for work. Don't bring stuff home that you can work on. And if you work in the home (sometimes or always), try taking as much of it as possible to a different location...a coffee house or a library. Let your home space be work-free, and if that's impossible, at least keep it to one room.
-Meditate daily
     Find 5-10 minutes every day to relax. There are tons of different ways to meditate. My favorite is to sit comfortably with my eyes closed and just focus on my in- and out-breaths, acknowledging each one and trying to dismiss other thoughts. Other methods might have you clear your mind completely, or focus on one idea, like love or compassion.

Tasks for the week:

-Purge your office
     I realize this might be a huge task, but if you can find the time, clear up the clutter from your home work space. I know this is an area of hording for us, where papers, books, and office supplies tend to get heaped up and forgotten.
-Clean up your computers
     Delete unneeded files. Organize the remaining ones. Do a back-up. Run scans for viruses and mal-ware. Then run your disk cleanup and disk defragmenter applications to keep things running quickly. And a dusting on the outside wouldn't hurt either.
-Purge the bedroom
     Hopefully this one isn't too daunting, since your clothes and shoes have been taken care of. Take a look at what's left around the bedroom and how it's organized. Tidy and streamline to make your bedroom a sanctuary.
-Make time for family
     Intentionally set aside some time this week to do something special with your family...whether its husband and kids, extended family, parents, or just your SO. Let that time be just about enjoying their company.


How was your week 2?


  1. I love the idea of two comforters. My boyfriend would never go for it though as he is big into cuddling. Ah well.

    1. We cuddle with our own blankets on! Requires some maneuvering, but it works out okay. =)

  2. We do two blankets as well - because I'm a blanket stealer :)I feel like I'm living the opposite life - I love my new phone so I can check my email constantly just in case students or parents email me. If I had to pick a place to purge I would start with my freezer. There is always so much stuff in there and I never seem to get rid of it all!

  3. Glad to hear your family is okay, it must have been a tough 60 hours for them. I am loving your simplified life posts. I have been trying to clear out my pantry as well. I usually have every grain/legume/flour under the sun in my pantry but I have been trying to use up what we have before buying anything new. Start fresh and then keep it simple. It saves some money too!


Thanks for making me smile. =)