quack, quack!

You never really feel like a tourist in your own city.

You've got too many other things to do, your own little neighborhood to get to know, Real Life happening every day. There's no time for sightseeing.

But every once in awhile you realize, you might not know your city as well as the tourists do.

A generous friend took J and me on a duck tour last weekend. And it was so much fun. We got to see our city from another perspective and appreciate its history and architecture and landmarks. Our tour guide was hilarious...I felt like an 8 year-old when I couldn't stop hardcore laughing at his siren impressions. Residents, visitors of Boston, go on a duck tour...and ask for Bogie Sparks.

But the most fun part? The beginning of big plans. Big plans to be a tourist in a big city called Beantown. Big plans to tour monuments, visit museums, hit up the best places for food and chocolate. How is it possible that after 2 1/2 years in this place, there is so much still to see?

It's a beautiful thing. An urban playground in our backyard...and an adventure that will never end.


  1. I did one of these when I was a kid and would love to do it again! It's so fun being a tourist in your own city sometimes!

  2. AMEN, sister.

    You know how I feel about this.

    This city!! The glorious city that is ours. :)

  3. I would totally love to go on a duck tour - they do them in Austin all the time and I think I wouldn't be able to stop laughing the whole time

  4. I've asked for Duck Tour tickets for my birthday in a few weeks :)

    When I was unemployed a few summers ago I became a Boston Tourist and it was SO much fun! It was great when tour guides would ask where everyone was from and they'd get to me..."uh....two T stops that way"

    If you haven't done the full Freedom Trail I'd definitely recommend it.

  5. I also feel like people who live in one place for long don't realize how beautiful it is, those who live in Paris or Tybet or California or whatever place everyone wants to visit, often, don't see the beauty around.
    I have been living in the same city - Riga for all my life ( well i lived my first year in outskirts of it ), but i do touristy things quite often, perhaps it's because my mom is a photographer and generally an active person and drags me along :')
    Actually the picture with bridge in Boston seems similar to one in Riga!

    1. Gosh, I just googled Riga and it is GORGEOUS!!

  6. I lived in the Bean for four years before going on a duck tour over my college graduation week, and it was too fun! Next on my list is one of those silly trolley tours :) You're right, still so much to see!!


Thanks for making me smile. =)