mindful moments

I am a big believer in eggs.

Someday, I'd love a backyard with a little chicken coop, where I could gather my own fresh eggs from my clucky ladies and make a cozy breakfast for little children.

Soft-boiled eggs are one of my favorite breakfast foods.

They bring me back to my childhood, when our parents would peel our eggs for us, since our unweathered little fingers couldn't handle the heat.

They bring me back to Germany and Austria, where a proper breakfast includes a soft-boiled egg, served with The Best Coffee in the World, a fresh roll, cold cuts, and jam.

And they bring me back to every adult snow day I've had, when the slow morning start inevitably carries me to a pot of boiling water, a sunny kitchen seat, and my favorite Delft egg cup.

Promise me you'll enjoy some soon. (Just be sure to buy your eggs as humane as possible.)


  1. You're adorable! Soft boiled eggs are one of my favorite, too. Any egg with a runny yolk, really! Though I think poached wins -- ! :)

  2. Yum! It has been awhile since I've had one of these - I'm going to have to remedy that soon! Love this post.

  3. My aunt actually does have chickens in her backyard. It's terrific.

    And I love eggs too... we had them yesterday-- over-easy for us! :)

  4. Oh you're so cute in that first paragraph... 'little children'
    all the good stuff is still ahead of you girl ;)

    Well, I can't promise you I will have one - don't eat 'em
    but my little one does - and she will have one soon ;) xoxo

  5. I'm slightly afraid of chickens? But I'll gladly take their eggs! For me, the miracle of eggs first occurred when I made scrambled eggs in a mug in a microwave in college. AMAZING!

    1. Oh, I'm a little afraid too! But I'm hoping that would go away. ;-)


Thanks for making me smile. =)