simplified life: week 2

Those are the bags of clothes and shoes that made it to the thrift store this week. And honestly, our collection wasn't even that big to begin with...except shoes maybe...I gave up 7 pairs and still have over 20! It feels good though. I can't say that cleaning out our closets or under the sinks has made much of a difference in my daily routine. But my drawers close a little easier, and I feel good knowing it's done.

Reducing my internet usage has been the biggest, most amazing thing I've done this week. I spent my mornings listening to the news and talking with J. I spent my evenings crocheting and watching tv. But most importantly, I became more aware of my internet use, and how meaningless a lot of it is. When I needed a midday break this week, I didn't hop over to facebook or pinterest. Instead, I made a cup of tea and drank it on the stairs outside our front door, listening to the rustle of leaves, watching a butterfly, and feeling the autumn sun on my cheeks.

I'm definitely holding on to my new internet habits, but the "list out things to do today" part doesn't work so well for me. Purging is incredibly liberating though, and I'm hoping to keep a cap on my material and digital stuff.

And now, we're on to week 2...


Week 2

Habits for the week:

-Make your bed every morning
     I recently heard that making your bed is the best way to start your day, because it puts something in your control and makes you feel accomplished. I know our bedroom also feels 10x nicer with a made bed.
-Turn off your phone after work
     I actually ignore my phone often, but I know that J's is always buzzing...not just with calls and texts, but  with updates and emails. Sometimes it's nice to just not be immediately accessible...especially during quiet evening times.
-Reduce your tv to an hour a night, 2 hours on weekends
     This one scares me. But it scares me more how much it scares me. I mean, this much tv should be plenty, and my ability to devour 4 episodes of a show in one sitting is a little disturbing. That's time that could be spent living my own life, not a character's.

Tasks for the week:

-Make your week's lunches on Sunday
     Find a great recipe and make a big batch that will last you through the week. Every evening, just throw some into a tupperware and add a piece of fruit on the side...planning for work will be a breeze all week...and you won't have to spend any money on impromptu lunches out!
-Purge/organize your pantries and fridge
     I am not advocating that you throw away good food here. Rather, find that old junk that is expired or will never get eaten and get rid of it. Reorganize everything so you can see what you have. And most importantly, make a pile of the stuff that has been around for a long time. Make it a point to cook and eat it as soon as possible.
-Purge your kitchen
     While you're at it, do a quick scan of your kitchen for things you don't really need or use. It's time to be brutal again. I'm expecting to face some hard realities about dishes and cookbooks.
-Invest in organization
     This is probably the only time I will tell you to bring something into your home during this simplification. Think of an area in your place that just drives you crazy with it's clutter. Think of what you could use to make it clean (bins, labels, twist ties...), buy what you need, and organize it!


How was your week 1? Jenn over at Simplistic Living added her own list of things to do, and I'm including them in my week as well!


  1. Making your bed also helps people sleep better, apparently! I'm glad that the first week was a success. I don't watch much TV, but I can related to the "scared how scared" it makes you to cut back. When I deleted my facebook I was TERRIFIED, and it scared me how much I was scared to do it! But I was fine, and you'll be fine with less TV. You and J will have more QT together instead.

  2. Good job! And I also like your list of 26 .

  3. Congrats on your internet use! That's a hard one, but you're so right. I sometimes find myself meaninglessly clicking away and wasting time. I think it makes a lot of sense to have a set time to check email and do what you need to do, and then walk away. The organization thing is so key. I bought dollar store bins for our 2 junk drawers-one in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom, and it has seriously made all the difference! a place for everything and everything in it's place, right? And I definitely make my bed each morning. When you come home at night, things just feel more peaceful. I swear.

    1. Man, you have the best advice when it comes to simplifying! You should write your own post. =) The dollar store is a great idea...we have one really close by, and I'm sure I could pick up tons of organizing tools for nothing. Will do!

  4. i so so so so LOVE this! it almost makes me miss the time my laptop was in the shop and i had time to read books for pleasure. :) it's so odd how we don't need to make time or do any sort of superhuman type rearranging, but we can find time instead of lurking on pinterest :)

    and i SO GET YOU! i need to clean up my act. i am seriously hanging on by my coattails with all of my reading. maybe we could do a study date, sans technology? :)

  5. I'm trying to not be on the internet so much but it's hard. Clearly I'm addicted. I like the idea of just making some tea and relaxing.

  6. I really really really need to invest in organization. I'm pretty good about purging stuff but I need a nicer way to organize things, particularly in my pantry.


Thanks for making me smile. =)