26 things

I love those to-do lists that are made up of the things we want to do anyway. They let us feel like we are getting something done, when we are really just making a point to enjoy the things we love. They are new year's resolutions, birthday lists, summer bucket lists, advent calenders, how to's...

Today, I am 26. And I am in a good place. Of course there are many things I still want to do, but the question I usually have for myself is What's holding me back? It's a good place to be...there are things I want to do, and I just need to do them.

And that's what my list of 26 things is all about this year...

1. Watch the sun rise
3. Do yoga/exercise at least 5x/week
4. Don't buy store-made bread (with the exception of "special" bread, like pita bread or bagels)
5. Visit the twin cities with J
6. Buy flowers at least once per season
7. Go on a girl date once a month
8. Go on a romantic date (with J, duh) once a month
9. Do the splits
10. Go raw for a week
11. Make pancakes
12. Make the bed (almost) daily
13. Go to the beach
14. Make chex mix
16. Go. To. SOWA.
17. Try a new fruit
18. Have a weekly drink
19. Host a bloggers' crochet night
20. Enjoy a pastry
21. Learn to sew on a machine
22. Make homemade tofu
23. Finish reading Momo (auf Deutsch)
24. Re-watch While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle, and When Harry Met Sally (basically the three best rom-coms of all time)
25. Volunteer during the summer
26. Make Christmas cookies (full.of.sugar.)

Honestly, this list makes me a little giddy...especially those ones that involve sweet treats, girl dates, and romance. =) Every year I wonder when getting older will start to be less fun. And somehow, I don't think this year is the year...


  1. Happy Birthday! This inspired me to start a list for my 27th year starting in December :)

    and i am all for number 19

  2. First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and secondly, I love this list! Monthly girl dates are very important, as are romantic dates! With a list like this, you will definitely have a great year :)

  3. Happy Birthday! What a great idea to make a list. I love some of your items, particularly 6 and 20, because they emphasize enjoying the simple things in life. You have also inspired me to make my own list in a couple months when I turn 25. Have fun checking these items off!

  4. Happy birthday pretty girl!! What a great list-- yes, please please please visit SOWA and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum! Enjoy your day, and here's to a fantastic year! xxx

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My favorite is #5. xox

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, so much love to you. I will gladly join you in #s 7, 11, 15, 16, and 19. Except for the fact that I don't sew. BUT I am a blogger. So maybe that still counts?

    Also, The splits? Please do explain. My head is spinning with ideas over here. My favorite guess is you practicing flexibility in a ballet get-up in your living room. I hope I'm right.

    Once again, Happy Day!


    1. You ALWAYS count!

      And you are just about right on the splits! I've been stretching every night and feel pretty close to reaching that goal...but it is slow progress.

  7. i really like that going raw for a week is next to making panckes. DON'T GO RAW! BACK GOODS FOR LIFE YO!!!

    (but really i hope you get to do it all!)

    1. =) I have to admit, I'm already a little worried about the raw thing.

  8. i mean to say baked goods, haha.

  9. Happy birthday! And making your own tofu? Sounds like you've got some really cool plans for this upcoming year

  10. Happy Birthday :) Love your list!! You are one of the inspiring individuals I know!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So sorry to be a day late. Just think of it as extending your birthday a couple days longer... :)

    Obv my favorite on this list is #26 but I'm also loving 11, 14, 17...okay all of them that involve food. And blogger dates.

    ALSO does watch the sunrise mean you usually wake up after it has already risen (if so, JELLY) or you want to sit and watch it rise from start to finish? Because this item totally made me think about the fact that although waking up early STAAAANKS, I am super lucky that I get to watch bits and pieces of the sunrise out my window as I get ready every morning. So if you want you can come live in my apartment for a week I can definitely help make #1 happen for you. #HBD

  12. Happy, happy, happy Birthday Claire! I'm sorry I'm late... I hope you had an amazing day!!!
    I loooooooved your list! Number 7 was my favorite!
    You are really really inspiring, and I just wish you can complete all the things in your list and many more lists to come :)

    Feliz Aniversario!!

  13. WHY HAVENT I COMMENTED ON THIS!? momo! and yoga! and lady dates! i so approve of all of this!


Thanks for making me smile. =)