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Classes officially begin today for both J and me. It's always a little bittersweet to say good-bye to the summer, but I'm pretty ready. I love remembering what I was feeling when I wrote this post, but this year I am decidedly more focused on cooler weather.

Maybe it was my week in Minnesota with a winter-loving sister, but my brain has been filled with thoughts of coffee in the library, yarn and crochet hooks, dark evenings with tea, and scarves, scarves, scarves. You?

But I will definitely miss the reading I did this summer...

Gosh, I enjoyed it.

I am lucky to have a children's book library in the building where I work. Do you realize how amazing that is? I can go in anytime I want and browse picture books all the way up to young adult...cozy up in a corner with a pile...check out a few for home...I'm living the dream.

There were five amazing books that stood out to me this summer (I'm not counting Little Women or The Wind in the Willows...both were re-reads...and incredible). So get out your reading list and listen up...

5 Awesome Reads You Might Not Have Heard Of

The Rainbow Goblins
I'm not sure how this picture book slipped through my childhood, but I'm glad I found it before my children come along. The illustrations alone are enough for me (can't go wrong with rainbows), but the story is also fanciful, and I approve of anything with creepy, little mystical characters.

Let Your Life Speak
This book moved me so much, I wrote about it at the beginning of the summer. Part spiritual, part practical. It's definitely a must for young adults deciding where their lives are going, but I think it's probably also wonderful for seasoned adults.

Light on Yoga
So this has officially been the summer I've adopted a regular, daily yoga routine. And this is the book that has helped me do it. Written by Iyengar himself, this book is clear and accessible, but definitely still challenging. I also love that Iyengar addresses more than just the physical nature of yoga...and for a lot less money than regular classes!

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess
As a non-Christian, I have never been more moved by someone writing from a Christian perspective and advocating for a focus on the values espoused by Jesus. Though deeply rooted in Christian morals, 7 is really a study of seven areas of American excess. It made me extremely reflective of how the choices we make as individuals in this nation are not just neglectful of our fellow humans, but also destructive of the earth and of the very fibers in our being that yearn for a life more meaningful than an SUV and bleached teeth. Seriously, it might just change your life. READ THIS ONE!

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place
I am officially on pins and needles for the fourth book in this series to come out. I describe this author as a cross between L.M. Montgomery and Lemony Snicket...pretty irresistible, right? Very British, very clever, very cute...if you are at all a fan of children's long fiction, these are a must read.

As the seasons begin to change, so will my reading list. Picture books will make way for scholarly articles. Inspirational non-fiction will shove over for research textbooks. It's okay though. Because you'll find me reading with a thermos of something steamy, and one eye looking through a frosty window for the first flake of snow.

Are you ready?


  1. My brain is also filled with thoughts of fall. I can't wait for scarves, coffee shops and tea. Ps. That's a lot of reading! Way to go!

  2. Thank you for sharing your summer reads, I am always on the search for new ones. I haven't heard of the 7 one, I am definitely going to add that to my list!

  3. thanks for the let your life speak rec - always can use more advice!

  4. I feel the same way! My last year of high school started today and I'm really not looking forward to all the work that's ahead of me... I spent my last day of freedom curled up on the couch with my copy of War and Peace. Suffice to say, it was a day well spent.

  5. My eye was immediately drawn to the Incorrigible Children series - they look delightful. I'll have to sneak a peek at these - thanks Clair

  6. "scarves, scarves, scarves". um. are we the same person?! you should see my closet in my new place....filled with crocheted scarves i made over this summer. that reminds me, I'M IN YOUR HOOD NOW! let the crafting dates begin! and this post is such a tease, especially since i start classes today and officially don't have time, but christmas break...these books are getting read ;)

  7. Light on Yoga sounds great. Do you practice at home each day? I'd like to but struggle to find the time and make the commitment I know I should. But yoga classes do add up pretty quickly. What's your secret?

    1. Yes, I practice at home, but I do skip a day here and there. I put it into my schedule between coffee and breakfast every morning. It helps to get it done right away and have the time set aside exclusively for that. If I didn't have time in the morning, I might make it the thing I do as soon as I come in the door at night.

      I can also recommend Richard Hittleman's 30 Day Yoga Plan...I don't like the content as much (though it's very good!), but since there is a new routine every day, it kept me on my toes for the first month.

  8. Books, gloooooorious books. And gosh you read so many! Love Flotsom. I think that one is so cool.

    Obvi love all this children's picks.

    Did you like Peace Like A River? That is on my top 5-- I love it so much!

    1. Yes!! I loved it too. Not my top 5 (obvs), but I really, really loved it. I read it on my trip to MN...perfect setting. Makes me want to read more of what he's written.

  9. I'm gonna write it down the names for my Winter break, it is a very inspirational list :) now all I read about is "food and beverage management, managerial communications, statistics...


Thanks for making me smile. =)