your life in one sentence

At our visit to the Mary Baker Eddy library (more than two weeks ago!), I spent some time at this exhibit:

These exercises are good. These exercises force us to think about what's important to us, and whether or not what we do every day reflects that. Here were some beautiful thoughts...

I didn't post my own sentence, because this one spoke for me (bubble letters included):

What would your sentence be?


  1. 'I love my mom' is pretty solid - whoever that kid is, GENIUS

  2. I LOVE THIS! the "i love mom" one cracked me up and filled my heart. i think for me it would definitely have to be "a daily adventure, hopefully".

  3. Love this! I actually got a fortune cookie once that said: We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. I kind of like it :)

  4. love this! one of my favorite sayings (and i'm not sure i would say it since i didn't originally say it), but i find fitting: "you only live once, but if you live in the south - once is all you need."


Thanks for making me smile. =)