twin city interiors


If you can handle the rugged winters of Minnesota, the twin cities are the place to be. When I told people my sister and brother-in-law moved there this summer, I didn't have much of an answer to the inevitable, "WHY ON EARTH?!" But now I know.

It's a place of lakes and parks, politically active citizenry, cozy bungalows right on the city edge. The people are friendly. Oh my GOSH are they ever friendly. Cosmopolitanism merges with country. The Mississippi floats by your car window at every other turn.

In an attempt to squeeze five days of beautiful experiences into just a few posts, here's a glimpse of the many beautiful interiors we experienced during my trip. If you're ever in the area, be sure to visit these amazing places.

And hope you don't mind the abundant vacation pictures. Consider it a vacation from my usual material. =)


  1. Those pictures are amazing! Looks like such a beautiful place to live!

  2. It looks so wonderful there in the summer... oh the summertime

  3. It is so beautiful! A place where people are nice is much better to visit! :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)