twin city exteriors


I'm no architecture buff (puh-lease do not ask me about styles), but I have a great appreciation for well-designed buildings and outdoor spaces. An elegant bridge can give me the shivers. So I wish I had taken more photos of the twin city spaces that I found so enchanting. As we drove through every neighborhood, I kept shouting, "Oooh, I'd live there!"at every other house we passed. But I guess if I'd taken more pictures, this post would have been five times as long.

Within sight at any given moment, there was a building or home that was...
a) adorable
b) elegant
c) quaint
d) just plain beautiful.

And if not, we were immersed in natural beauty somewhere, marveling at water or trees or flowers. Here are a few shots I took as we wove our way around Minneapolis and St. Paul...

[Minneapolis and the Stone Arch bridge over the Mississippi river]


The falls are in the middle of the huge Minnehaha park.
Besides the gorgeous space for lounging and walking, we saw
a cute café, the founding house of Minneapolis, and bicycle cars for rent.
(The bicycle cars are officially on the bucket list...people were hysterical from the fun.)


No pictures allowed of people with the cathedral as background. (What?!)




Just loved that little goat perched on the rooftop.
The ASI has a green roof for insulation and water runoff!


  1. Oh....I thought that was a picture of Holly!!! Beautiful photos, looking forward to seeing everything in person : )

  2. Yes Beautiful indeed!
    I love the name Minnehaha!
    Seriously, someone named that or they just studdered and laughed and that was recorded in history ;D
    All your photos are lovely.
    What? no cathedral as background - Cathedrals make THE best backgrounds ;D
    ps. will reply to you soon.
    Have a lovely long weekend. Ella.

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  4. Minnehaha Falls look so beautiful, waterfalls have something truly haunting about them...
    Also it kind of remind me of infamous Fallingwater in Pennsylvania - also a good place to live in my opinion ;)

  5. That little goat is just darling and a perfect surprise on a rooftop garden

  6. Very pretty. Do they bring the goat inside when the snows come? :)

  7. ohh those falls! I do the "I'd live there" thing all the time! My best memory is when I was in Paris and I thought "I could live here..." who couldn't?? :p


Thanks for making me smile. =)