greens...inside and out

Here is the number one rule of the summer: either have a garden, or get to a farmer's market.

Then get your hands on some fresh kale.

And use it to make the healthiest junk food I know: kale chips.

How to Make Kale Chips

{Preheat your oven to 275-300 degrees. Wash and dry your kale. (I like the dinosaur kale, because it lies flat, and the water beads off of it when washed.) Slice the center stalk from each piece of kale. (I freeze these to use in smoothies...I'm not sure how much nutrition they have, but I can't bring myself to throw away all that produce!) Cut into chip-sized pieces. Use your hands to mix the kale gently in a bowl with olive oil and salt. You can add whatever seasonings you like...I just added nutritional yeast. Spread on a baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes. This will probably take a few cycles, depending on the size of your baking sheets and amount of kale. Store in a sealed plastic container.}

J and I ate almost all the kale chips I made in one sitting...one beautiful, sunshine-y sitting.

We washed them down with iced rooibos tea and dark chocolate. And then we enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon in the park.

And a little birdy told me it was a special day.

Happy birthday, Mom!


  1. I LOOOVE kale chips! They're one of the best summertime snacks!

  2. I've never had these but my current obsession is spicy dried seaweed!

    1. This sounds SO good! I'm going to keep an eye out...I bet I can find some at the Asian grocery store?

  3. mmm. love kale chips. i always manage to burn mine!


  4. YES! my friend and i got fresh chard and kale from a farm in maryland tomorrow and made cashew "cheese" kale chips! i could die happy. gonna try your recipe as soon as i'm not a nomad! these look perf :)

  5. I love kale chips-you're right, definitely healthy junk food! They can turn any chip lover on to kale. Iced tea and dark chocolate, mmm! You are reminding me that I must plan a little picnic of sorts soon! Or at least remember to eat outside more often.

  6. I see kale all around the blog world, but have never tried it! They just don't sell it here!

  7. I STILL have yet to try kale chips. I have some sort of mental block against them because I decided 100 years ago that I hate kale. Maybe someday I will grow up and try new things - and when I do, you better believe these are on my to-make list!

  8. Thank you, Clair...that is really special. : ). I need to make kale chips again too...haven't made them since March! Love you

  9. Awww, so sweet and does that ever look good. A must try on my list.
    P.S LOVE the new look of the blog!!!!!!


Thanks for making me smile. =)