from the market

Hope you are enjoying the bounties of the season!

I wish I could share all the lovely market faces with you...the man who calls out which produce is the tastiest, the woman who will sit on a bench with you and chat until her husband arrives, the babies who somehow keep smiling through the heat and the hubbub.

But I'm a little shy about asking to snap photos. Has anyone mastered this delicate task?

I'll keep practicing, and in the meantime...happy weekend, friends.


  1. GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! Really, truly, gorgeous.

    I have not yet mastered this task but would like to. Sometimes I'm shy about taking pictures and sometimes I'm not. I think it depends on my mood and the situation and how much I care what other people will think of me. If you can convince yourself that you'll likely never see these people again (maybe not at the market, but in a restaurant or around Boston) then it's easier to let loose and go wild. ;)

    Happy weekend, friend!

  2. P.S. Is this in Brookline? Or Allston?

    1. Brookline. Allston has a teeny tiny one every other Saturday...wish it would be more, but Brookline is still super convenient. =)

  3. I haven't had peaches yet but have been seeing them everywhere. Maybe it's time for some pie

  4. Beautiful photos. I just love market photos. In the winter, you'll look back on them and sigh ;) Enjoy it while we can, right?

  5. A luscious, juicy peach is one of summer's ultimate pleasures, but which is better: white or yellow?

  6. I've only made it to the farmer's market once so far this year, and your post has me even more desperate than I was before to go back!

    I feel the same way about taking pictures out and about. It's tough! I've found much greater success in going places with a friend who also takes pictures of everything, or at least supports my desire to.


Thanks for making me smile. =)