won't you be my neighbor?

Whenever people ask me who my role model is, I'm usually a little stumped. There are a lot of famous people whom I admire or who inspire me. But there aren't so many people that I would actually model my life after. I usually end up choosing someone in my family (which is a very good choice!), but I often wish I could mention someone everyone will know. Over the past few months though, I've come across a few internet gems that have reminded me of a famous person I would be ecstatic to be compared to...

Fred Rogers (<--worth clicking)

If you have anything close to affection for Fred Rogers and the love he brought into your childhood, this is a video you must watch. I chuckled a bit the first time through, but I was teary-eyed by the end of it and it's still getting me every time! (Plus, it's got an irresistible beat.)

I also really enjoyed this one:

It's so stunning to see such gentleness and sincerity in someone. I read that he was inspired to get into television because he saw a cartoon where a character was hit in the face with a pie, and he was disturbed that children were being taught to find humor in another's humiliation. Thank you for being a good neighbor and the best role model, Mr. Rogers.

Who is your role model?


  1. Aw this brings back memories! What a great role model :)

  2. Mr. Rogers kept me entertained for plenty of hours as a child. I had a lot of role models growing up by way of family members and great teachers so I can't put my finger on just one

  3. I watched the last video you posted there and I was blown away! If only we had people like him making children's programs these days. I grew up watching Mr Rogers but haven't seen him in years! You don't realize what you are absorbing as a kid but I am sure glad I was watching Mr Rogers! haha

  4. Oh my goodness my heart. This is so touching, such a big part of my childhood! What an inspiration he was :)

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Will share on facebook. i also love all your other most recent blogs, as usual! AND I LOVE YOU!!! love you, Mom


Thanks for making me smile. =)