push and pull

This is Anna.

Yesterday Anna and I had a picnic on the Charles River Esplanade.

I stuffed myself silly with Anna's fresh fruit salad, peach rooibos iced tea, and the most delectable pastries from Clear Flour.

Our picnic was accompanied by some fat, aggressive squirrels.

And the river was full of lovely things like boats, boats, and more boats.

And when we could eat no more, we walked and walked and marveled at the sunshine, the beautiful city, and the joys of friendship.

We talked a lot of bloggy talk, and as I lamented the creative block I've been experiencing lately with respect to my beloved little bloggy space, Anna talked about the push and pull of this creative endeavor.

We push and create and develop these passions, and for awhile, we're amazed by what we've made. But as we exhaust one creative avenue, we have to pull back and reassess. The only way to keep growing is to be willing to pull back in order to push forward again...sometimes in a new direction, sometimes with new energy.

Push and pull.

It's important for blogging. It's important for anything creative. And it's definitely important for life.

Pushing is good. Pushing is progress. But don't be afraid to pull back every once in awhile so you can see where that pushing is taking you. And if you're not sure how to do that, a picnic is a good place to start.


  1. Great blogging advice! I feel like I really needed to read something like that right now cuz I'm in a slump right now, with blogging and with life in general.

    Looks like you and Anna had a fantastic day!

  2. Loved. this. post.

    And not just because I got a shout out. :-D

    I really like how you've explained this though, this push and pull of blogging, because it's just so true. Sometimes I feel like I'm rocking it, and other times I feel like I have nothing good to say and I just need to take a step back and take a break. And I think that's really important.

    But the fire always comes back, in my experience. It might look and feel a little different, but eventually, it always comes back.

    Have an awesome weekend, Clair! And keep taking pictures, yours are beautiful!

  3. YOU GUYS. This is the absolute sweetest. I miss you both and insist we get together soon. xo

    As for pushing and pulling, you are beyond right. I wish I could accept that more myself allow myself to pull back instead of trying to force creativity.

    1. Agreed! It had been a long time since a blogger date for me...I miss them!

  4. i do know anna! what an incredibly lovely day this looks like. those pastries look absolutely divine.

  5. Your picnic looks absolutely amazing! Gotta have one of those pastries, you know! What kind of wraps? The wisdom of your words is well absorbed and about to be practiced. <3 U

    1. The wraps are filled with garbanzo beans, cilantro, spinach, and tomatoes. I wanted to smash avocado with the beans, but had some avocado woes and had to resort to mayo instead.

      Love you!

  6. AH! i love how you pull (hehe) the very topic i've been mulling over and make so much sense of it. also, i love you both. picnic when i get back? also, your little space is just adorable lately. jussayin'.

    1. It's a date! And thank you. =)

  7. AHH! That's awesome and I really enjoy reading Anna's blog. It seems like y'all had a great time together

  8. Oh how I love Boston (I went to RISD and traveled there often). Thanks for the wonderful photos (and advice too).

  9. We all need that sometimes... it's good to seat back and look at things with a different perspective and when we are too involved or thinking too hard it's more difficult to find a solution. Most things happen when we are not looking... solutions come when we are not thinking, we find missing objects when we are not looking, and we find love when we least expect. :)
    Btw thanks for your really sweet comment on my engagement, I'm bursting with happiness :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)