There is no place like home.

I'm an army brat, so home has meant a lot of different places in my life. But as kitschy as it may sound, home has always really been the place where these people are.

Of course, a couple other faces have joined the crowd in the last few years too, but the pictures I snagged of them didn't make the quality cut. Last, last weekend I learned that people don't have much patience for portraits. Hmph.

Animals do though.

There are not enough words to express how much I love all these beans.

Where were you on Memorial Day?


  1. These portraits are so adorable and spontaneous - love the light in them. Haha the cats..always ready for a snapshot.
    Memorial Day was spent flying a kite in Boston :)

  2. These are great, esp the pup! It looks so profesh!! I am VERY impressed with your new camera skillz.

  3. I think I left that exact same comment like a week ago, but I really am impressed! Your pictures look fab.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the one of you-- so pretty!

  5. What a fun idea. I'm totally making my fam sit for portraits next time we're together!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Great portraits! What a beautiful family.

  7. We gladly spent memorial day at the new house, yard work, yard work, yard work, mixed in with a few BBQ's. Was a lovely way to spend the long weekend.


Thanks for making me smile. =)