night windows

Every time I come home from campus after an evening class, I pass by a favorite apartment building of mine. It's old and made of brick. The fire escapes are black iron, and the sides of the building are covered in vines, full of leaves at the bottom, but becoming bare lines as they approach the roof.

There is an apartment on the third floor of this building. When I go by, the owners always have their curtains open, with the light on. I like to think they're inviting me to enjoy the scene framed in their night window.


The walls in that room are a warm orange-y red. It makes me think of fires and wine and cinnamon bread. The light that shines out the window comes from a paper lantern. It's the best paper lantern I've ever seen. It must be two feet in diameter, one solid creamy color. It looks like they've captured the moon and plugged it into their apartment outlet.


In the winter, they put up a Christmas tree, adorned with sparkling white lights. For the whole season, the night sky seems to shine from that window.

I'd like to thank those people for leaving the curtains open. Their night window always makes me smile.


Can't wait to see what magic it transforms into during the summer...


  1. I am missing Boston greatly right now! This post was so lovely! xox

  2. It's really observant of you to notice that - I'm sure they like the fact that someone else can appreciate their lantern as well

  3. as a fellow city person i loved this post. so many windows, so many stories...

  4. i have a bestfriend who takes such comfort in seeing lights on in people's homes/apartments. it makes her feel like she's not alone, and that people are still awake even if everyone at her house is sleeping!


  5. I love looking in people's windows! Some are so inviting you want to love right in :)

  6. Hi! Just to mention that the photo of the windows in blue you posted is a photo I took :) Greetings, Alex.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! It is a gorgeous photo...I'm going to link it directly to your website.


Thanks for making me smile. =)