So I don't usually do posts with little life updates, summaries of What I Did Today, newsletter-style. But I realized recently how much I enjoy reading them on other blogs...I love insights into how others live their lives and enjoy the little things. So for this quiet Sunday afternoon, here are a few shots from how we passed the weekend.

Maybe it was the rain, but yesterday had us bumbling around half-asleep all day. We did manage to drag ourselves out shopping to buy some much needed essentials. While we were out, I stumbled upon these beauties for a steal and couldn't resist them:

My gym kicks are getting pretty worn, and I love the idea of the barefoot shoes. I'm going to start by just wearing these while weightlifting. Flatter shoes are better for form, and walking around in them should help break my muscles in too.

After shopping, we had a cup of tea, then crashed into an afternoon nap. But I did manage to rouse myself early enough to cook up a satisfying dinner:

Last weekend we enjoyed amazing food prepared by my parents. Mealtime was always a real ritual when I was growing up, and I realized how far I've come from that. Since I've been on my own, limitations on my time and energy have taken me away from the experience of eating, so I've been inspired to start paying more attention to the art of mealtime. (Despite what you see posted here, I have a tendency to just heat up leftovers and plant myself in front of the tv for meals.)

Dinner was followed by a special treat of a dessert:

And you can see our new obsession in the background: the original Star Trek series. It's a great fit for both our personalities. It's such a good show, but we also always get a chuckle from the special effects or the rampant sexism. It makes me think about what aspects of our current culture will seem silly 40 years from now.

And finally, today we celebrated the Queen's silver jubilee with a trip to the thrift store. And amazingly, it didn't disappoint:

How did you celebrate?


  1. Yes, Clair, I love this because I like seeing a peak into others lives too!

    Are you going to the event on Wed? Because I NEED you back in my life.

    Looks like a nice relaxing weekend-- mine has been too! A lot of nothing, but it's just what I've needed!

  2. I love reading about how people spend their days/ what they eat all day too :) That shirt looks cool. My sister and her boyfriend came to Austria for the jubilee weekend with 7 of their English friends so we've had a little private celebration. It was fun and luckily the weather was great.
    Sounds like you've had a lovely day!

  3. I've never tried that kind of dessert before - I'll have to give it a go sometime

  4. EEE! a little voyeurism never hurt anyone! :) and that dessert looks AMAZING! and happy jubilee!


Thanks for making me smile. =)