learning to love the weekends

The student lifestyle is pretty sweet.

I decide when, and if I want to go into work. I go grocery shopping on Tuesday mornings, when not a soul is in sight. And I can make time for exercise whenever it feels right. The downside to all this?

I always work on the weekends.

So having a less than full-time work schedule this summer has been such a dream. But settling down into my weekends has been a challenge. I constantly feel like I should be working, and my fingers are always inching towards my planner. It's not stressful...it's just...habit.

My remedy has been to make sure I have at least one or two fun things on my agenda for the weekend, that will take me away from the productive, grown-up things I could be doing. And my newest fear? I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to working weekends come September!

The fun highlight of this weekend was eating lunch out with J.

We ate at the Allston Diner, which is a place of dreams. Puzzles printed on the tables and kitten pictures on the walls? Yes, please. I was able to get this "ultimate" vegan breakfast, while J loaded up an omelette with multiple kinds of meat. P.S. Delicious.

Maus and I had a girls' night in last night (Grey's Anatomy + crocheting/playing with yarn) while J went out with a friend.

And today I treated myself to some very important supplies at the craft store.

Please tell me you enjoyed this gorgeous weather. I walked the 2+ miles home, ignoring my bleeding heel that hasn't quite been broken in for summer shoes yet.

But what an adventure! I stumbled upon a pile of free milk crates (yes, I took one) and literally stopped to smell the roses blooming along fences in Brookline. (It's the little things, people.)

Not everyone shared my blissful mood.

But gosh, I love Brookline. It's rare that I walk through the residential areas...but the parks, and the flowers, and the architecture...oh my! I wanted to have a picnic, plant a garden, and read in the sunshine, all at the same time.

It's really summer. And I want to bask in every sunny, shiny minute of it.


  1. I'm glad you're able to find some ways to enjoy the weekend - that diner looks awesome! And the vegan breakfast looks pretty great

  2. Great post. I love Brookline too. One of my best friends lived there right after college. She has since moved but we used to walk around for hours together. I miss those days. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I do the same thing, plan something fun each weekend. Often it doesn't need to be anything spectacular and it's usually inexpensive. We went to a strawberry festival this past weekend and split a pizza and a few beers. That's my kind of weekend :) It's fun to see glimpses of what other people do for fun.

    1. Ohmygosh that sounds AMAZING. Strawberries + festival...sigh.

  3. yayayayya! you are getting me so excited to live there come september. and um, we are so getting that vegan breakfast once i live closer, yes?!

  4. Your breakfast looks incredible. Love it when the plates come loaded like that :) Glad you had a nice weekend and the weather was nice.

  5. I don't get to go to Brookline often enough but I do appreciate how pretty it is. Glad to read a nice review of Allston Diner - I've been wanting to try it!

    1. Definitely do! It's great.

      You're a local?! Love local blogs...I'll check yours out!

  6. Oh, I love Brookline, too. FOREVER. Glad you're soaking up the weather and taking in the views! There is so much beauty to look at all the time, isn't there?

  7. I love the weekends...I always look forward to them and count down during the week. :)
    I think my favorite thing is sleeping in and making breakfasts that I actually have time to sit down and eat! (and seeing my boyfriend, too :) ).

  8. Enjoy enjoy the weekends! You'll miss them once you have to work again.. there is nothing better than summer weekends anyway :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)