country mouse and town mouse

When you have a sister with whom you nearly share a brain, you will find that the things that make you different will always be of great importance.

When we were little, T used to have fits because she couldn't get me to stop copying everything she did. The poor girl just wanted to be herself, but she couldn't shake the mini-me that followed her everywhere. Later, we both struggled to be totally different, to have different interests and talents and take different paths. And now that we are officially Grown Ups, we've discovered that nearly sharing a brain is a great advantage while playing Cranium or having giggle fits that no one else understands.

And yet we remain different in many ways. Lately, my grandpa has taken to calling us city mouse and country mouse. Can you guess which one I am?

Last weekend, travelling home to visit family, I got to be a little of both.

My parents' yard is beginning to hint at the bounty this summer
will bring. The garden is greening up, herbs of all sorts are flourishing,
the raspberries are budding, and small fruits are already forming
on the trees in the back.

I loved seeing that lonely open window in Manhattan.

My brother is the countriest mouse of all...and a creepy-
crawly whisperer to boot.

I don't think I'll ever stop being enchanted by looking
up at the Hancock building.

At heart, I'm a little city and a little country. Because how could you ever give up any of these beautiful images?


  1. Very nicely done, my little cicounmouse! Love you, Mom

  2. I've been slowly transforming from country mouse to city mouse. I find that I am able to really enjoy both lifestyles these days. I also enjoy your beautiful photography!

  3. You are right, they are beautiful!!!

    Happy weekend, Clair!

  4. oh i am so secretly a country mouse. actually, not so secretly. yesterday i spent a good five minutes talking to a petting zoo llama....so yeah. :) but that view of the hancock is gorrrrgeous! it always makes me happy to see the fog cover buildings, its so enchanting!

  5. Beautiful images and a great story behind them ;)
    I like the balance in you - a bit of country a bit of city - and it's really great you can have a bit of both...
    and spend time with your family. so sweet...


  6. I am SO with you on this. I think I am, mostly, a city girl, but part of me loves the country too. Living in Boston is great for people like us because there are so many opportunities to explore both aspects of the world!


    1. Agreed...and Boston is so quiet and green (in my opinion) as compared to other cities.


Thanks for making me smile. =)