school's out for the summer

On Thursday I handed in my last two papers of the semester...thank goodness.

After I finished for the day, I went for a 3-mile walk around campus and towards home. It's not every day that you have time for such a long walk, and I wanted to feel the freedom of the summer. But I had to keep fighting back the sensation that there was something I needed to work on, something I needed to be accomplishing. You know that feeling?

But fight I did. I fought to relax, and in the end, the walk was sort of purging. I wore the wrong shoes, so by the time I made it home, my feet were killing me, I had a slight sunburn on my neck, and I was starving. So I relaxed. Because I had to.

Here are a few of the highlights from my trek.

City line

I love the feeling of a courtyard...

And clean, classic architecture


Bottom of the reservoir

My friend...see him there on the bottom left?

I'm so excited to finally have time for sunshine and children's books. Now get off your computer and go capture some sunshine of your own!!


  1. Ahh look at those mushrooms. I don't know why but it makes me really happy to find those growing in the wild

  2. i loooooooove newton! and children's books! and you! and the fact that we are getting tea SO SOON! xo congrats, smarty pants!

  3. Congrats on being done!!! That reservoir picture is SO COOL and looks totally professional and other-worldly. Love it!

  4. it's just gotta be sunny again! but rest assure i will :)

  5. YAY congrats on being done with the semester so happy for you!! And such gorgeous shots! I very much need to take some long walks around this city of ours....

  6. Hooray! I remember those days :) Feels good, doesn't it? Take some time for yourself and enjoy!

  7. I know that weird feeling... I always feel lost when I'm done for the semester... what do you study? Im glad you are done! Enjoy yours free days!! :)

    1. Educational research, measurement, and evaluation...it's a mouthful. =)

  8. You're DONE! YAY!!!

    Let's walk in the sunshine together soon. With comfortable shoes and SPF! :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)