mindful moments

It's a little late, I know. But I wanted to share with you some lovely gifts my parents sent us for Easter.

Besides this darling egg filled with all sorts of naughty candy, we got this beautiful little wish heart:

Do you spy the girl behind the lens?

This little heart makes the most beautiful little tinkling noise when you move it around...so magical. Since this was the first major holiday when all three children haven't made it home, my mom made sure we each had one of these little hearts to hold onto. She said whenever we can't all be together in the future, this can be a reminder to think of each other.

Yes, it's ridiculously sweet.

And to send the weekend gifts over the top, my dad made sure this book is now sitting on my dresser:

He knows Cary Grant is just my all-time favorite, and it's something special reading about him as a father, as a gift from my own.

Aren't parents the best?


  1. How very sweet and thoughtful - parents know just how to make you feel special

  2. Awwwwwww! You must have eaten all that candy to say such sweet things!! LOve you! Mom

  3. What lovely presents. Do you have a picture of the rest of your printer's tray anywhere?

    1. You are so perceptive! I'll take a couple just for you!

  4. So sweet..... but I'm feeling kid of sad ;(
    I'm a mom now, and I talk about how big the world is to my daughter and just told her the other day that one day she could live wherever she wanted (the inspirations come from my sister who lived in Australia for a couple of years). Anyway.... this must be so hard for parents to watch their children move away from home and not be together for a holiday..... of course it's only natural for you to spread your wings and learn to fly.....
    gosh, I'm such a mom! ;) it's already hitting me and I have at least 20 years (let's hope) for that to happen ;)
    Seems like you 'kids' have the most amazing parents out there ;)
    So darn sweet.... ;)

    1. A lot of your parenting posts remind me of my own childhood...and my parents did a great job! ;-) They also encouraged me to spread my wings, and I appreciate that so much. I know they miss me, but since they encourage me to live my own life, I think that makes our bond even stronger...no resentment, just lots and lots of happiness when we see each other.

  5. ;D
    just realized we were on each other's blogs at the very same time ;)
    ps. that moment I was telling my daughter she could live anywhere in the world was when we were watching the 3D Virtual Tours from AirPano ;D


Thanks for making me smile. =)