Friday, April 20, 2012

fantasy friday: a teaser

We're back in the dirty Jerz this weekend for a wedding. I was hoping to get up a fantasy friday post anyway, but didn't have a chance to make some final tweaks to a recipe before we left. Suffice it to say, only a few little changes are needed, and you can look forward to some of this in the future...

Have a lovely Friday and a beautiful weekend!


  1. Looks pretty fantastic - can't wait for the recipe!

  2. hahahaha dirty jerz thats funny... sounds like you are from Philly! :)

    This looks so good! :)


  3. My oh my, can't wait for this one! Have fun in the *LOL* Dirty Jerz! hahaha!

  4. Can.not.WAIT. to see what this bad boy is!

  5. Looks Ahhhmazing!
    Wedding weekends are the best! I'm sure you had a blast!
    The cake recipe can wait - the photos do it for now ;D


Thanks for making me smile. =)