a campus visit

Last Saturday I promised J Mexican food and dragged him all the way out to my beautiful campus for a photo shoot.

The blooms are here to stay, and being on campus lately is an enchanting experience of vibrant colors, stunning architecture, and jubilant church bells.

We strolled around to places even I've never been before, and stumbled across this labyrinth walk. As you make your way around the path, it's supposed to inspire a meditative walk. I tried. But then I got really excited about giving J a high-five every time we passed each other and trying to catch up to him before we got to the middle.

J spotted this little guy towards the end of our walk, and I was reminded that it doesn't feel like spring until you hear the chatter of birds returned to the north. Am I talking too much about spring lately? I can't help it. It was such a mild winter, but months of teasing have made me so welcoming of the sun and the season.

Happy, happy spring! Don't forget to enjoy it.


  1. Those tulips are especially cute. Great pics

  2. These are such pretty pictures... I love that tree! :) The church looking building reminds me of Boston a bit

    Sara :)

  3. love the pictures of the tulips - all in a row!

  4. bc is soooooo beautiful. i almost couldn't believe it when i pranced around there last summer!


Thanks for making me smile. =)