springing forward

Okay, I realize I've been talking about spring since forever. I don't know why I'm itching for it so badly this year. But I don't think I'm the only one...it's totally apparent in that place of all things trending: pinterest.

Here are a few pinny things that are strumming my heart strings lately...


  1. Aaah Spring is near! I love the oxfords she's wearing - I had a pair similar to that, that I wore out to the sole! Need to find a new pair!

  2. The sun is out this morning and that combined with your spring images have put a huge smile on my face. {now to see if the temperature is playing along...}

  3. Yes, Spring is always a fantastic time of year... and that includes the "springing forward" this weekend, which I, for one, cannot wait for! I will be nice to finally come home to some daylight again!

  4. i'm SO excited for spring, too. i mean, winter hasn't really been that bad so far, but i'm ready for warm weather and being outside at the beach.


Thanks for making me smile. =)