mindful moments

I recently bought this book for myself and have been using it to guide my thoughts throughout the day. It's full of little reminders about relaxing, accepting ourselves, and giving our best to the world around us. I find that if I really take the time to digest its messages, I am calmer and more content throughout the day. Highly recommended!

Anyway, I just had to share last Friday's practice.

Last Friday's little reminder said that we tend to get so wrapped up in ourselves and our negative emotions that we forget to have empathy for the suffering of others, and even to support ourselves through our own negative times. Instead of recognizing that tough times are part of life, we berate ourselves and bemoan our circumstances. Practicing compassion towards others and ourselves helps us to feel more whole and present.

The practice is to write the word "compassion" on the container you drink water from all day. Every time you take a drink, that word should be a reminder to think of the suffering of others and yourself. The idea is not to get you depressed. It's to focus on that supportive place inside of you, instead of that black hole we can get sucked into, thinking about how much everything stinks! A simple practice with profound meaning.

P.S. When I open a new container of mascara, I stick a piece of masking tape on the tube with the date written on it. Then I know exactly when three months have passed and I should swap it for a fresh batch!


  1. I certainly find myself falling into that black hole sometimes! Loving the compassion message.

  2. this is such a beautiful idea, to remind oneself throughout the day again and again of taking it easier on others and oneself! have a great compassionate day and tons of hydration :-).

  3. That's a simple yet effective exercise, I like it and thanks for sharing

  4. You should do yoga with me sometime. I love it for this very reason. Gives me practice on living a more full life, accepting myself and others and living a life that I'm present in. I imagine you'd really love it too.

    1. Umm, OKAY! I love yoga but actually rarely do it...and when I do, it's a halfhearted attempt in my living room. Classes work much better.

      Time and place. I'm there.

  5. love love love your blog! so beautiful!

    best wishes from


  6. oh you are so ingenious. this is SUCH a good idea! and...um....i wanna do yoga with you and anna! JUSSAYIN.

  7. I love the idea of reminding myself to be compassionate. As a judgy Mcjudgerson type, it is definitely something I struggle to embody. A gentle reminder like this could be a simple and effective agent of change! Thanks.

  8. this is such great advice, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for making me smile. =)