fantasy fridays

I've been hit with inspiration.

There are two things I really, really love: food and books. I especially love food in books. And food in movies, or tv shows. If I love a fictional setting, chances are, I want to get my hands on the food they make there.

This is not really new news. That's why there are plenty of people who have made up recipes for butterbeer, and why people like me collect recipes from Downton Abbey.

But most of these made-up recipes are sadly, pretty unhealthy. And that's why I'm starting a new series: Fantasy Fridays.

Beginning tomorrow, I will post healthy recipes on Fridays that are inspired by foods in books, television, and movies. While I can't promise that I will faithfully post every Friday, I already have a few ideas lined up and will do my best!

Here's the really fun part.

I want you to join in!

This doesn't mean you need to come up with healthy recipes (but you can). You can leave a comment with your post where you've recreated anything from a fantasy world. Any kind of recipes, outfits, objects, home decor...if you recreate it, post it! I'm not about to put any limits on the creativity. And if anyone can recommend a good link-up tool for the future, let me know.

So keep an eye out tomorrow. You'll see the first healthy Fantasy Friday recipe and you'll have the opportunity to comment with a post of your own, if you want.

Cannot wait.


  1. Thanks! yes i draw this picture in header :)
    I just added a Google translator (at last)to my blog so in future will be easier for not-Polish viewers :)

  2. Sounds fun. I see bloggers use "Linky Tools" often and it's really simple to use. XO Jenna

    1. Thanks for the input. I need to look into it...

  3. Ooh I love this idea!Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Sounds fun! I don't know if I'll join, but I'll certainly read!!

  5. What a great idea, can't wait to read more!

  6. Hey,Clair!Did you recieve my replied?I'm so confused that i could recieve every email when i replied...

  7. Hi Clair...testing my ability to comment...wonderful blog! Love you, Mom

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Thanks for making me smile. =)