a winter blanket

There's been something interesting outside lately.

Yesterday morning I discovered our first batch of snow for the weekend. And this morning we were graced with much more. I had been dreading it, but stepping out on a soft carpet of white reminded me what it is that is so magical about snow.

Everything was muted and calm. And yet, I could feel the stirrings of life...people peeking out of windows, children itching to play, snow boots being pulled on resolutely.

And in those moments, I realized why we call it a blanket of snow. It was so warm. True, the temperatures rose since our recent days of single digits. But it was more than that. It was the warmth that you feel when the entire earth has been wrapped in a blanket of white, and it feels as if Mother Nature herself is settling down for the winter.

Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.


  1. this was beyond lovely. and although i was sick for most of the snow day yesterday, i still really secretly enjoyed venturing out into it in my snow boots to get dayquil. it really is so so magical. :)

  2. So true! My favorite thing to do in the snow when I was little was to dig out a hole, lay down inside, and pretend I was an Eskimo. I loved how I always somehow felt so warm and cozy, wrapped in a blanket of snow :)

  3. Beautiful photos. I did the same thing the other day, went for a walk and snapped some photos. It's nice to finally see some white everywhere you look.

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    1. Thanks, Vickie! And thanks for stopping by...your photos are beautiful too!


Thanks for making me smile. =)