holiday break

Okay, I'll admit it. The holiday season is a difficult time to stick to your nutritional guns. And it's not just about resisting all the temptations that arise spontaneously. It's also about the very deep relationships we build with food that we seek out during times like the holidays. I just cannot imagine a Christmas without a chocolate orange in my stocking. It's part of my Christmas paradigm.

And that is just fine.

But every once in awhile, when I've been indulging a bit too much, my body reminds me that if I don't take a break sometimes, I'm going to feel what I'm putting it through. And it might make me break out, or stress out, or freak out.

And so I listen. And I take a break.

I break for quinoa. Bumper sticker anyone?


Black Bean Quinoa Salad

1 cup quinoa, uncooked
3 cups black beans, cooked and cooled
1 cup corn, cooked and cooled
2 cups mango, diced
2 chives, chopped
2 tbsp lime juice
1 tsp ground coriander
salt, to taste

Rinse quinoa. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a saucepan. Add the quinoa, cover, and reduce heat to a simmer. Allow to cook for around 10 minutes, or until the water is absorbed. Remove the quinoa from the heat, allow to cool, and combine with the rest of the ingredients. Refrigerate until entirely cool, then enjoy as a salad.

Fiber, protein, vitamins...and real, good, unprocessed flavor. Merry mealtime!


  1. oh lady, we are so on the same page. having two friends visit over the course of a week= multiple thai food runs, multiple pumpkin desserts, hot chocolate, and other potent potables. my body is crying for some green smoothies and a nap. :) also, i'm pretty sure i would buy a "i break for quinoa" bumper sticker off of you :)

  2. This looks great Clair. Quinoa and black beans are a match made in heaven. You're right about listening to your body and taking a break. Mine usually says enough with the sugar ;) That's my weakness.

  3. Yummy! This is definitely what I needed to see today---I made a huge pan of holiday bars yesterday and I need something healthy to take my mind off them!

  4. Ah this is looking absolutely spectacular!
    I love the ingredient combo ~ this is something I would really enjoy ~ wanna meet up for lunch?

  5. "I break for quinoa" = awesome.
    I haven't had quinoa in a while...this recipe really makes me want some. And mango? Yum!

  6. @Mackenzie: Now I want Thai food.

    @Stephanie: Me too! The sugar kills me.

    @Ella: Um, YES.

    These @'s are so annoying. Blogger really needs to step it up. But thanks for all the comments...it really is yummy and cleansing!

  7. I just found your blog and its great! This recipe looks especially delicious! I read your about me section and it sounds like you are on a good path. I just applied to graduate school and moved in with my fiancé!

  8. Ahhhh, this seems like the perfect "detox" meal between indulging in holiday treats. It looks delicious, I may try it out this weekend after a cookie swap party :)

  9. Looks great - my kind of lunch ;)
    going to go scour the kitchen pantry for some black beans....
    Thanks for linking up to my Potluck Party ;D xo

  10. too funny.... already asked you if we could meet up for lunch on this post!!!


Thanks for making me smile. =)