advent, part iii


11. Make Christmas cookies

They don't look like much. But I'm working out the kinks in these dark chocolate orange cookies and I will share as soon as they're ready. But even the test ones were really good.

12. Take some flowers to a friend

Okay, I sent them. You kind of have to when your friend lives in another state. And I didn't send flowers. I sent a rosemary tree. So much more useful, right?

13. Donate to a food pantry

If this is something you'd like to do, visit the Greater Boston Food Bank's website. It's an over-the-top, huge organization. My contribution felt like a drop in the bucket, but I suppose they survive on drops!

14. Make a crockpot stew

Do it.

15. Clean the apartment

I got the itch for spring cleaning in the middle of December. This has turned into a massive project with a hopeful completion date before we leave for vacation. Closets are getting reorganized, crevices are being vacuumed, lots of stuff is being given away. It feels so good to simplify. And it will leave more room for presents!


  1. Loving the rustic dark chcocolate orange cookies. Looking forward to the recipe when you worked out the kinks :)

    Agree with you that a rosemary plant is so much more useful and lasts longer too x

  2. Dark chocolate orange cookies sound great. I've actually tried making double chocolate chip cookies three times with coconut oil and still haven't worked out the kinks :) And a rosemary tree sounds lovely.

  3. Such goodies ;)
    Dark chocolate and orange ~ my fave
    Rosemary tree is awesome
    The Stew also looks yummy
    The cleaning is a great reminder for me to get a move on
    and yes still need to pack a bag for the food drive.

    Wishing you all the loveliness this holiday season ;)

  4. chocolate orange cookies?! be still my heart! can't wait to see a recipe, dear!


Thanks for making me smile. =)